the countdown begins…


Actually, I’ll be recording it tonight, then avoiding Facebook & Twitter like…well, the virus from The Walking Dead until I can watch it on the Torture Cycle in the morning. :ropepig

So NO SPOILERS before then, okay? :pigbat


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  1. TamVans says:

    Happy Sunday Ma’am!

    I have 3 episodes left until I am all caught up. Just in time for the mid season premier!! :pigbat Started off being in love with Rick, didn’t realize until most of the way through season 2 that he was Mark from Love Actually. Still love him. But Darryl, what can I say about Darryl that you haven’t already? He has stolen my heart. The redneck with the heart of gold. The more you get to know him the more you love him. Such a tender, deep, wounded heart. Just want to give him a big hug and refuse to let go. And ok, and the fact that if he cares about you he will do ANYTHING to protect you doesn’t add to his appeal at all…. :animlaughing

    Thank you so much for getting me hooked on TWD. You rock. And if the zombies come, I’m finding your group.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!!

    • Heidi says:

      I told you, I told you! :pinkdressdancingwoman

      I still like Rick very much, tho he’s had a few ups & downs for me. And even tho Daryl started out being kind of a jerk, he’s evolved into fabulous hero material. Everything you said…yes to the nth degree. :bunniesloving Except for this: You may love him from afar, but HE IS MINE. Do not touch. :pigbat

      And, yes, if there’s ever a Zombie Apocalypse, come find me…unless I find you & that crack shot hubby of yours first. :animpeekaboo

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    lol those are good ones.

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