Who wants to help me decide on some of Caitlin’s (heroine of Top Secret Project #3) tattoos?

As I’ve mentioned before, Caitlin is a rock-&-roll chick, with lots of piercings & tattoos.  (But sexy, not trashy. :img17 )

She loves rats & has two of her own as pets, so I’ve already got in mind that she’ll have a rat tattoo—likely over her shoulder & around her neck, as though a real rat is resting there.  (I haven’t been able to find a decent example of one yet, but I can see it very clearly in my head.)

She’s also a Scorpio, so I envision her having a scorpion tattoo—maybe a tribal one on the inside of her wrist or along the top of her foot.  Or maybe simply the Zodiac sign for Scorpio.

And maybe an Egyptian unk or the symbol for Infinity on the inside of the (other?) wrist.  Maybe. :img25

I definitely want her to have the hero’s name—Rory/Roarke—somewhere on her body.  The small of her back (i.e. a tramp stamp), perhaps? :img11

But I also think she should have some pretty, colorful tattoos elsewhere on her body…without going overboard.  No full arm or leg sleeves, etc.

So I’m open to suggestions, for both the types of tattoos & where they should go, if you’ve got any! :img19