Sexy Fail Saturday



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  1. DebraG says:

    That is awful! Where do you find these things?

  2. Hollie says:

    looks like he either needs a bigger suit…or a hell of a smaller body!!! :nowait

  3. Tammy Beck says:

    :Cukoo Ouch….that outfit looks painful.

  4. Heidi says:

    I keep thinking the suit is probably not meant to be worn this way. And if he hadn’t pulled the sides up over his shoulders, it might be better. Not good, mind you :nowait but better.

  5. M E 2 says:

    Am I the ONLY thinking, where is that dude’s penis? :scratchhead :Cukoo

    • Julieanne Reeves says:

      :lolol Actually I was trying to figure out if it was a REALLY HOMELY woman with no breasts or a really HOMELY man with no… uh package!!!

      No matter how tight that …. er… uh… swimsuit is it couldn’t… Okay, it’s just not right however you figure it.

    • Heidi says:

      I think it’s tucked up under the belly fat. :lolol

    • Marsha BAker says:

      I had to look multiple times – and I agree.. where’s the beef? :scratchhead

  6. Ruth Chestnut says:

    :lolol OMG, you sure come up with the best sexy fails I have ever seen. This guy should be embarrassed to be seen like that.

    To ME2, his penis is in there somewhere I’m sure. Very tiny for someone his size. :Cukoo

  7. Irene says:

    According to Thumper’s mama, if you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.

  8. Darlene says:

    I feel the need to poke my eyes out…

  9. Eva Coppersmith says:

    OMG Heidi! I think you have just struck me blind! I am getting shivers where I shouldn’t have shivers and most definitely not in a good way. :-(((((((

  10. Jill M. says:

    :nowait OMG! Do people even look in the mirror before leaving their houses. :Cukoo

  11. Tracy F says:

    You reckon he thinks he looks Good?????? :cool

  12. Rhiannon says:

    I’m blind! Ugh! :Cukoo

  13. Karen Roma says:



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