Sexy Fail Saturday



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  1. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Oh my

  2. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf
    too much,,, now i have seen everything.. I think!!!

  3. Holly says:

    OMG…I spewed ice tea all over the place when I saw this… :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf

  4. Hollie says:

    when ya gotta go..ya just gotta go…hopefully it was on his own porch and not someone else’s!!!

  5. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    wow…just……i need the visine to wash out my eyes!

    :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf

  6. Karen Roma says:

    Seriously. There are some things that should NOT be shared. However, that’s men for you. LMAO!!!
    :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf
    :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf

  7. Ruth Chestnut says:

    :rolf Probably had too many beers. Looks like his latest is sitting on the tank. And is that another one to his left?? :rolf :muahaha

  8. Cindy Rushford says:

    :twirl :rolf :rolf :rolf :rolf wods fail me ………….!!!!!!

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