Sexy Fail

Thank goodness I got myself in shape in time for bikini season!



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  1. Shadow says:

    o my! i have no words for that….

  2. Irene says:

    Okay, what were you doing at my pool?????

    • Heidi says:

      LOL How true is that, Irene? There’s a reason my pool (when we had one) was in the back yard, behind the deck…& shed…& a strand of trees. I mean, I love to swim, but I do not need an audience when I’m in a bathing suit. :scared

  3. Heidi says:

    Wow, I just got a really angry letter from a reader who’s offended by this pic & thinks I’m making fun of fat people. You know I’m not, right? And that I’m fat myself? Believe me, these women are all kinds of braver than I am to go anywhere near a bikini. And then a camera. My bathing suits are one-piece & all have little skirts to cover my big ass & thunder thighs.

    You also all know that I’m an equal opportunity fun-poker, right? Fat people, skinny people, blondes (yes, I am saving up blonde jokes! consider yourselves warned :wink )…overly tanned Slim Jim fellas with teeny-tiny banana hammocks like last week… No one is safe on Sexy Fail Saturday—including me!

    • Shadow says:

      aww…apparently they dont know you. dont let it both you. we enjoy the things you post, and if this complainer would look through your posts, they would see what you post, she wouldnt have anything to complain about. im sorry you got an angry letter. im a big girl too and i dont find this offense. the picture is a ‘wow’ but it also shows the courage these ladies have and the strengh they have to go out it public like that. your just showing us different sides of peoples personalities. your a writer, you look for pictures that are worth a thousand words. 🙂 dont let what she said bother you.

      • Heidi says:

        Thanks, Shadow! I know people have hot buttons; I get that & have many of my own. But I do think you’re right that anybody who hangs out here on a regular basis & is familiar with my posts has to *know* that I don’t mean any harm or offense by anything. I mean, look at the “Because I Can” pic in the sidebar…I updated that about *my* hospital stay. :ROFL

        I’m just sorry someone was offended or got their feelings hurt, because that was/is *never* my intention. (i.e. if I want to anger or offend you, you’ll definitely know it. :whip )

  4. Shadow says:

    :ROFL i do love your pic for your hospital stay. 🙂 you always keep your humor!
    heidi, we all know you (at least on here) and we know you’d never try to hurt someone. make jokes, have fun, make everybody smile is what we expect. i wouldnt give this person another thought!
    (p.s. i got the book in and the goodies. i love them. i do have to say, i think my favorite is the privacy door handle sign thing. 🙂 thank you! and i cant wait for your book to come out. sending the cover is so cruel! lol ) you have a wonderful night! ill see you tomorrow!

    • Heidi says:

      Thank you again for your support, Shadow. Guess I’m just a Fat Girl who’s never taken herself—or her fat—too seriously. Mean stuff…yeah, that bothers me. My grandmother, for instance, hates fat people (including me) & is cruel about it. “She’s so fat, she could go w/o eating for a month!” And she once had me cut all the pies for our giant T-giving gathering, serve everybody, then set an apple in front of me & announced to the entire room that I was “too fat” & “didn’t need dessert.” Oh, yeah—fun times in Dysfunction Junction. :flag

      But what does not kill me makes me bonkers…I mean stronger. And I actually poke fun at my own size. If I bump into someone/thing while out shopping, I’ll say, “Why didn’t somebody tell me my ass was so big!” (As if I didn’t already know! :ROFL )

      I also love Dolly Parton’s quote about being blonde; she says, “I don’t mind stupid blonde jokes. Maybe because I know I’m not stupid. I also know I’m not blonde.” :kittylaugh I think that’s the attitude you have to have…love yourself, own who you are—scars, cellulite, & all—& just roll with it. Life’s too short to let others’ views/opinions hurt you.

      Oh, & remember this one, too: I may be fat, but you’re stupid & I can diet. :tongue

      [END LECTURE] *vbg*

      I am also glad you got your book & goodies—hope you enjoy them! I’m trying to decide what my next batch of super-fun promo should be & I’ve got some awesome ideas. :mwah

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