season enders (part 2)

Okay, here we go…   It took me a while to catch up & get around to writing my little “reviews,” but here is Part 2 of our chat about this season’s finales—& in some cases, series finales—for some of our favorite shows. Well, my favorite shows, anyway. :img14


Grimm — Where do I begin?  Well, I’ve always hated Juliet, so I’ve been glad she turned evil this season; it gave me a more substantial reason to root against her.  And even though I know it’s supposed to be one of those “oh, no, whatever will Nick do now?” moments, I looooove that Trubel killed her.  Bwahahaha!

Do you think she’s actually dead, though?  Or just near death?  I hope she’s not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead.  (A Wizard of Oz reference, for those of you who may not have caught it.)

And is it just me, or have you been wondering what’s happened with Juliet’s so-called veterinary practice while she’s been out hexenbiest-ing it up all over the place?  I mean, she didn’t spend much time at it before, I imagine the place is nothing but spiders & cobwebs by now.

Speaking of Trubel, I’m sooooo glad she’s back.  I really like her & think she’s an awesome addition to the show.  I hope she sticks around this time!  But that one phone call she took in the finale does make me wonder who she’s in cahoots with.  Okay, I think we know based on who showed up at the very, very end of the show, but still…  Why?  What are they up to?  Is this going to be good or bad for Nick?

And finally, I am really upset & disappointed that they killed off Nick’s mom.  I liked her.  I liked that she was out there & when she popped in.  I also think she was too good a Grimm to be killed that way.  Although she was ganged-up on by—what?—a dozen bad guys, so I guess they might have gotten the upper hand.

Forever —  Another cancelled show. Another mistake, if you ask me.  I can’t say Forever was a favorite for me, but I enjoyed it.  It was interesting, unique, & had a lot going on.  So of course it had to die in a way Henry Morgan never would. :img18

Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit — I wouldn’t normally mention this one, because it’s not a show I watch very closely, but this season’s finale kind of bothered me.  It was a decent episode, but it bothered me so much that Olivia didn’t keep her mouth shut about who Noah’s biological father was.  If ever there’s a time to keep your mouth shut, it’s when a violent, sadistic rapist/murderer/human trafficker might try to get custody of the child you’re trying to adopt.  To me, this felt like a forced plot point to create the situation for the finale. :img11

On the other hand, I’m not at all surprised that Nick is leaving.  All of the L&O shows seem to have a revolving door for cast members. I really like Nick & don’t necessarily want him to leave, but at this point…whatever. :img28

Battle Creek — So Battle Creek gets cancelled, but Big Brother will be coming back—again.  Come on!  Battle Creek may not have started with the biggest bang I’ve ever seen, but I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s gotten better week by week & was really beginning to hit its stride.  Plus Josh Duhamel.  Plus Dean “Mayhem” Winters.  Jeez!

As for the very last episode…  It was the best one yet & only made me yearn for more! :img8  Such a dramatic plot, so many secrets about Milt’s character revealed, so much growth to Milt & Russ’s partnership.  I was on the edge of my seat, & spent the entire hour both sad it was the last episode & wishing like heck I had a second season to look forward to. :img4

Hot in Cleveland — I feel really badly about this one coming to a close.  Mostly because I’d gotten sort of bored with it & wondered why it was still on, but this season has perked up again, so I’m wishing it were coming back.

As for the series finale, it was only okay, in my humble opinion.  Typical of Hot, which is a good thing, but also awfully rushed in order to give everybody a happily-ever-after.  The whole Joy & Bob adoption thing bugged me, too, because it sort of came out of left field & then moved way too fast, as well. :img23

But the very, very end…the epilogue, if you will…showing everyone five years later…  That I liked.  I loved seeing them all together, but paired up & happy. :img26  I’m just saying it happened a little quickly, with everything shoved into the final two episodes.

Hawaii Five-0 — Can I just say how tired I am of the back & forth, recurring Danny/Rachel drama?  Never really liked it to begin with, but in the beginning it made sense.  When they got back together & she got pregnant…then it turned out to be her new husband’s baby…I was annoyed.  To have her show up again & suddenly announce that the baby is actually Danny’s son…  Really?  Really?!  Can’t we come up with anything else for this character to go through emotionally?

If it weren’t for that, I think I would truly love this show.  Because everything else about it works for me—big time.  And I was happy to hear it got renewed for another season.  But enough sticking Danny with nothing but soap opera drama, okay?  Give it rest, H50.

Am I the only one who was also a little disappointed we didn’t actually get to see Kono & Adam tie the knot at the end of the season finale?  I really like Adam, too, & hope he’s on the level—despite all the suspicion that keeps coming up concerning his ties to the Yakuza.

Bones — I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one, since I’ve been on the fence about it for the past several seasons.  I was over Booth & Bones a very long time ago; Temperance gets on my nerves like nobody’s business, & my like versus dislike of her bounces like a rubber ball dropped from an airplane. :img20  Yet I stuck with it mainly for the murder plots because I enjoy unique death scenes & crime-solving of almost any kind.

As for the season finale, they led us to believe that Booth & Bones both leaving their jobs might make it the Series Finale, & I’d be totally okay with that.  Truly. :img24

Last but not least, Supernatural — Don’t judge me for this, & don’t think it makes me any less a Sam & Dean fan, but I haven’t watched a single Season 10 episode yet…even though that season just came to an end.  It’s been too hard keeping up with everything else, & I really like to sit, watch, & absorb my boys, so I’ve got them all on the DVR & plan to start watching them over the summer. :img17

Expect posts & comments as I go along, but they’ll be a little behind the curve.  Just don’t spoil anything for me or I’ll make Deanmon look like Strawberry Shortcake. :img34


So do you have any thoughts about these season enders…or any others you might have watched?  I’d love to hear them, even if they don’t quite jive with mine. :img26


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  1. Anne says:

    I never heard of Battle Creek before which may explain why it was yanked. Will check it out on DVD if available.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, shucks, you missed a good one. Granted, it was a little slow to start, but it really gained momentum & grew on you. By the time it ended, I was in tears realizing it wasn’t coming back. :img22

  2. Dee says:

    Forever hurt to lose. I loved the characters and the fresh concept. however, ABC is notorious for not giving enough of a chance. It is why even though I still watch shows on there I do refer to them as Always Be Canceling. When they make horrific blunders it hurts.

    I think bones was smart to film it as a final finale because the renewal probably came post filming. I want to see what happens in 11. I understand the dislike of Brennan, she is one of those characters that is an acquired taste. As much as I like Booth and Brennan, I love hodgins and Angela more.

    Ahhhh supernatural. Get tissues.

    • Heidi says:

      So Bones has been renewed? Can’t say I’m thrilled with that; I’d so much rather see a different show come back—Forever or Battle Creek or Constantine. :img22 But I actually agree w/ you—I like Angela & Hodgins so much!

      • Dee says:

        Angela and Hodgins scenes always make me smile. Especially when he calls himself king of the lab. I love what he told Angela what to do with the money.

  3. Minna says:

    I haven’t watched Bones for a long time and even unique death scenes & crime-solving simple aren’t enough. The characters -especially Booth & Bones- just annoy me too much. :img20
    I really wanted to like Scorpion, but the characters in that one started to annoy me even faster than the characters in Bones. Walter O’Brien seems even more annoying than Bones. I guess I just have to dig out the good old Numb3rs to get my nerd fix. :img14
    Here White Collar is ending this week. I’ve watched it occasionally, but for such a good idea it still left something to hope for.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, I love Numb3rs! Still watch the repeats when they’re on & of course have the DVDs :img15

      Yeah, I’m with you on Bones. I can’t seem to *stop* watching, but I wish it would end so I could. :img31

      White Collar was good. I really liked it in the beginning, then started to get kind of bored with it. But I stuck with that one, too, & was glad I was there for the finale.

      I never did try Scorpion, tho. I thought about it, & the ads made it sound good every once in a while, but I just wasn’t lured in enough. :img29

  4. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    The only show that I watched was Forever. I loved that show and was surprised they cancelled it. Stupid move on their part.

    I once in a while watch HIC, I also thought it was rushed but really enjoyed Thomas Gibson being on there as Valerie’s character’s love interest.
    I really loved the epilogue that showed them 5 yrs down the road. Betty looked the same!! Go Betty I say. 😉
    I stopped watching LAO:SVU years ago…lost interest.
    I used to watch Bones , but again lost interest years ago.
    Haven’t seen any of the other shows.
    :img4 :img9

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, yes, I agree—Thomas Gibson was *so great* as Melanie’s final love interest on Hot in Cleveland. I really liked that!

      I admire you for being able to give up on some of these shows. My interest has definitely waned for a lot of them, but danged if I’m not drawn back just in case *something* interesting happens.

      I will say this, tho: a lot of times I watch them while I’m on the Torture Cycle or even have them on in the background while I’m doing other stuff. That way, I get the gist, but I don’t waste time simply watching-watching. :img11

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