season enders (part 1)

Feel like talking about TV again? A lot of shows are wrapping up for the season now, & there are some things to be excited about…& some things to be upset about. :img36

Here are my thoughts, & you should feel free to add yours! :img14

***WARNING:  Not only may, but does include SPOILERS***

Secrets & Lies — Boy was this one a huge clunker. :img31  I loved this show so much every single week…right up to the last one.  It was intense & compelling, & kept me on the edge of my seat.  As soon as one episode ended, I couldn’t wait to see what happened in the next one. :img9  But the way it ended…the revelation of whodunnit…  It was so disappointing & felt like a cop-out to me.  It also took everything I liked so much about the Ryan Phillipe character & flushed it down the drain.  I don’t know if S&L is coming back, or if ABC will come up with another similar limited-run series, but the season ender of this one left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. :img12

Elementary — Darn it, Sherlock—you’re better than that!  The writers are better than that, too; they should have been able to come up with a better cliffhanger than Holmes falling off the wagon.  I especially don’t like the way it came about:  he was doing so well, then the case came to a close & resolved on a positive note, but he just…picked up the tin of drugs & dove in?  It doesn’t ring 100% true to me when he hadn’t been overly tempted earlier.  He’s also been so analytical about realizing his deductive skills are stronger without drugs that I can’t see him starting up again.  (Although drugs & addictions do have a very strong, very illogical pull, so there is that. :img33 )

All in all, I really like this show & I am curious about where things will go now…whether Watson can help him get clean again & how that will come about.

The Big Bang Theory — I’m fine with the way this one ended, but I do wonder…  Do you guys feel Sheldon buying an engagement ring for Amy was a natural progression of their relationship at this point?  It felt a little rushed to me, because of how standoffish Sheldon is.  Yes, they’ve begun to make out, but marriage is a big jump from that where Sheldon is concerned.  In my opinion, anyway. :img4

Once Upon a Time — This is a show that’s getting a little…complicated & boring for me.  I like it while I’m watching, but when I think about watching the next episode, I just sort of feel…eh.  I like most of the storylines.  I like all of the characters.  My problem with OUAT is that it always seems so rushed.  Even this season’s two-hour finale had about six scenes that could easily have been the season cliffhanger.  But rather than spread things out & give us time to digest, OUAT throws everything at us bam-bam-bam!  Consider the Frozen episodes…  Instead of making it a season of Frozen, they only did half a season, then switched to the Villainesses.  Then the Villianesses (Cruella, Ursula, & Maleficent) only lasted half a season.  And is it just me or did their departures also seem rushed & without cause?  *sigh*  But if they’d only stretched that out over a full season, maybe it wouldn’t have.  And it seems like OUAT does this pretty much every year.

Now this season’s ender…  We could have had an entire season—or half a season, at least—of the “Heroes as Villains/Villains as Heroes” switcher.  I would have really enjoyed that, I think. :img25  But, no! Once again OUAT rushes things, & we jumped from that being resolved in the space of a single episode to now awaiting the introduction of Merlin…& I assume all the cast members who accompany that storyline.

So, yeah. I like this show, I really do; but I think I could like it more. :img26

NCIS — No!  Not Gibbs!  Dammit, can’t that man go more than five minutes without getting shot? :img22

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — I think I have to give up on Ward going back to being a Good Guy.  Yes, I know—the rest of you probably gave up on that a season or two ago, but until this season’s finale, I really had held out hope.  I get a little confused about this show…for the same reasons as Once Upon a Time:  so many characters, so many storylines, & in this case, so much technology…but I still like it a lot!  My only real thought about the finale is related to the very last scene, & it’s this:  “Oh, man…I take fish oil every day, dammit!”  They’re going to give me a complex, I just know it. :img21

The Following — This one ended fairly well, but I’m still sad that it’s over.  Granted, I wondered what was going to happen once Joe Carol was out of the picture.  I honestly expected him to suddenly pop up again & for them to reveal he wasn’t really executed after all! :img19  And I think that if they’d kept the show about Ryan hunting for Joe, it would probably have lasted longer.  But even after they got off that path, I enjoyed it well enough; I’d have kept watching if they’d kept it on.

Stalker — Oh, come on!  What’s with all the really decent shows being cancelled?  Stupid networks.  :img20  And what am I going to do about a cliffhanger ending like that?  Am I just supposed to forget the last minutes of the last episode & assume everything worked out for the best?  Grr.  I hate it when shows are cancelled too soon, then end like that. :img22  Remember:  I’m a lot like Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory)—I do not deal well with lack of closure.  Hell, Raising Hope wrapped things up beautifully in its last episode & I’m still upset it’s no longer on, still wondering what might have happened next. :img18

And finally, let’s talk Constantine — This one had its season ender awhile ago, & we were all hopeful that it would be back.  But apparently NBC stands for Nothing But Cancellations…of damn good shows, dammit!…& now we know that it’s actually been cancelled.  Oh, I’m so angry about this!  Like, Dracula cancelled angry.  Not quite but close to Firefly cancelled angry. :img20

I’ll definitely be watching for it to come out on DVD, but that’s just not the same as having another season to enjoy. :img21

Those are just some of the season finales I’ve been watching, so expect a second post soon. :img16

In the meantime, which of these did you watch & how do you feel about their endings?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Somewhere in between?  Let me know! :img10


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  1. Anne says:

    The only one I watched was Constantine. I didn’t love it, just never really connected with the characters, but I would still have watched it had it been renewed.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, I liked it a lot. But then, I think I was still in Dracula withdrawal, so the paranormal stuff sucked me in.

      I’m also a Matt Ryan fan. Loved him in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior & was ticked then it only lasted one season. Now I get to go thru a Matt Ryan loss all over again. :img22

  2. Dee says:

    I am still not totally sure what happened in the last few minutes of spn. But did they have to go there????

    Secrets and lies was renewed. I am not sure if the new case will be based off of the Aussie original or not.

    I agree totally on ncis and stalker. Did they have to end there? I know kids are a Gibbs weakness but even the ghost of Mike Franks was like with Jethro? As far as Stalker… There should be a season two.

    I did not watch ouat yet but I will.

    Do you watch orphan crack… I mean orphan black?

    • Dee says:

      That should say WTH Jethro?

    • Heidi says:

      Okay, um…say nothing about Supernatural just yet. I haven’t watched a single ep this season…not because I don’t love it, but because I love it a little too much. I’m not sure I wanted to see Dean as a demon, then by the time I thought I could handle it, there were too many episodes saved up. So I decided to DVR the entire thing & it’s going to be my summer viewing. (I think.) I can absorb & enjoy it more that way. Of course, now that you’ve said what you said…I’m worried! :img22

      I really liked Secrets & Lies—right up until the last episode when I felt they copped out with the whodunnit. Same thing Gracepoint did, & it peeved me off. :img20

      Given enough time, I think Jethro could have reached that kid. I sure hope he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, tho—I’m not sure the man can take many more hospital stays. :img33

      The write-up on my DVR info box said this last episode of Stalker was the “Series Finale,” so I think it was cancelled. But I would *love* to find out it’s coming back. If you hear for sure, lmk! :img25

      I don’t watch Orphan Black—is it good?

      • Dee says:

        Sadly stalker is canceled. I think CBS should have given it a chance.

        Orphan Black….where do I begin? It is amazing. It is in the second half of season 3 and has already been renewed for season four. Ten EPs a season and the actors kick ass.

        • Heidi says:

          I’ll have to check it out. I’ve got a list of “one of these days” shows that I didn’t catch from the beginning, but holt to start “one of these days.” :img35

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    The fact that Constantine and Stalker got cancelled really irritates me to no end. I really liked both those shows. NBC messed up this time for sure. I can only hope there are shows coming out that will be worth watching and won’t get cancelled after one season. Gibbs…of course I think he’ll be just fine, isn’t he always? But dang, it really seemed like this season some shows just decided to go full out and kill characters off for no reasons.

    And with The Following getting cancelled, it seemed to me like they just figured, hey it’s the last season let’s kill everyone off.

    • Heidi says:

      Constantine was at least as good as Grimm, imo. I actually enjoyed it a bit more, if I’m being honest. Not saying Grimm should be cancelled so Constantine could stay on the air (at least not out loud :img31 ) but how can one show do so well & the other not? I’m with you on being extremely irritated. And I still want Dracula back, *&^%$#! :img20

      Gibbs is the whole reason NCIS is still on the air, so they better *not* kill him off. But the man has been thru enough physical trauma; they should have picked someone else to be in jeopardy, if you ask me. :img36

      I’m really glad Ryan & Mike & all my favorite folks on The Following survived. Frankly, I think Ryan going after his new nemesis would make a great S2. Altho I’d still miss Joe; I like the actor, so I wanted his character to be around the entire time, even if he was totally evil. :img34

  4. Cassandra Carr says:

    I actually don’t watch any of those shows, though a few sound like ones I’m going to have to search Netflix and Hulu for. I *did* watch The Flash and Arrow and loved both season finales. Arrow, particularly, was a departure from “normal”, and refreshing. Plus, it was another hour to gaze at Stephen Amell and imagine him tied to my bed. Wait, did I say that out loud? *looks around Panera*

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Stephen Amell… *le sigh* :img5 As much as I don’t mind watching him, I gave up on Arrow halfway thru S2. It just didn’t do anything for me & I was getting more & more confused. :img33 And I never started with The Flash.

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