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Before tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead—which, once again, I’ll probably watch on the Torture Cycle tomorrow, so ***NO SPOILERS***, s’il vous plait :animenope —I thought I’d mention a few of the questions I still have about what’s happened so far.  Head scratchers, if you will.

Question #1Are we ever going to find out what was up with the rats?  Who was feeding them to the Walkers at the fence?  Why was someone feeding rats to the Walkers?  Was it an insider working for the Governor, or maybe that creepy, psychotic child who likes to play in blood & thinks Walkers are pets?

Question #2What happened to Baby Judith, a.k.a. Li’l Asskicker?  Was she truly eaten by Walkers as the bloody carrier suggested, & Rick & Carl seem to believe?  Or did someone rescue her at the last minute—& if so, who?  Maybe she was on the bus, but then, what happened to the bus?

Question #3Where is Carol?  Is she doing all right out there on her own, or did the Walkers get her?  Will she return?  I really hope she returns!  Maybe she was even hanging around outside the prison & sneaked in after the big showdown to…rescue Judith?

Question #4 — Speaking of hanging around outside the prison…  What happened to the Governor’s short-term girlfriend who showed up there at the end of the shootout?  You know, the one carrying her Walker-bitten daughter & then put a much-deserved bullet in the Governor’s brain pan.  (You go, girl! :cheerswedding )

Question #4 1/2What happened to the above gal’s sister?  The one who ran away when the heavy shooting started?  Was she—or were they—eaten by Walkers, never to be heard from again?  Or will they pop up in future episodes?

Question #5Whatever will become of Daryl’s motorcycle?  I realize that’s probably a minor concern in the scheme of things, but seriously…Daryl on that bike is hawt! :lipstick   What will we do if we don’t get to see him riding lone wolf-style at the head of the pack on supply runs?  I suggest they either find a way to get him back to his bike…or his bike back to him…or he finds another one somewhere along the way.  Remember that bar Rick & Carl, & then Michonne stopped at in “After”?  There were some abandoned motorcycles there.  Hint, hint.

And finally…though I reserve the right to come up with more questions as we go along…

Question #6What about the voice on the radio?  Remember when Daryl & a few of the others were a supply run for antibiotics for all the plague…er, I mean, pneumonia victims back at the prison?  Right before they ran into that massive herd of Walkers, Daryl was fiddling with the radio & they thought they heard a voice.  The real voice of another survivor, or possibly a group of survivors.  Are we ever going to find out what that was about?

Am I the only one who has questions…so many unanswered questions? :buttwiggle


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Someone was feeding the zombies, rats? Aww poor, poor rats.


  2. Cheryl says:

    I always watch the Talking Dead after the Walking Dead and the one of the producers the questions will be answered this season…ie Judith, Carol, the rats….so I am thinking this one is going to rock!

    • Heidi says:

      I have a friend who’ll badger me to start watching TTD so I get answers to my questions, but I don’t like that show. Actually tried to watch it a couple times & it annoys me. Plus, I don’t like people telling me stuff that should have been addressed on the actual program. :angryhearts

      That being said, I’m very glad *you* watch & have told me this. I can wait for the answers as long as I know “all will be revealed.” :animwashing

  3. TamVans says:

    Very good questions, and I have NO idea the answer to any of them. Probably why I love this show so much, it doesn’t give you ALL the answers up front. Keeps you watching week after week to see what’s going to happen.

    Happy Walking Dead Day! :operarose

    • Heidi says:

      Ditto. I’m okay with not getting the answers right away, as long as we do get them.

      See my last comment to Darling Mary above regarding the vampire rat on Dracula. It happened, I know it happened, but they just glossed right over it & have never brought it up again. Unacceptable. :pigbat

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