I’m always late to the party, but I finally decided to open a Pinterest account.  I really want to pin a collection of photos for ON THE VERGE OF I DO—as well as future books—that I can share with you guys all in one place.  Or all in another place, anyway. :winkwink

So I go over to get the ball rolling, only to discover that someone else has opened an account with my name.  What the hell is somebody else doing with my name?!  And even if that is her real name, what the hell is she doing opening accounts with it when I want to open an account with it?!  I mean, really—it’s not as though I can change the name on all my book covers. :curses

Be that as it may, however, she got there first (bitch) so I guess I have no choice but to come up with a different user name.  (Dammit.)

My first inclination was simply to add an underscore—i.e. Heidi_Betts.  Alas, Pinterest does not allow symbols or spaces, so back to the drawing board. :angry

And that’s where you guys come in. :muahaha   I need you to help me come up with a new user name for my Pinterest account that you—& future readers everywhere—will readily recognize.

Something like…



THEHeidiBetts  (with thanks to Darling Laura J. for that one :cuffs )

HeidiBetts1 (or some other number-like addition)


Okay, so they’re not all great ideas. :Huh   But let me know if you like any of them or can think of something that might work even better.  Just remember—no spaces or symbols, & it has to be under 15 characters.  (Pinterest’s rules, not mine. :moon )

As soon as I settle on one I like & think I can live with/properly promote, I shall open my account & begin pinning like the wind!

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