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As you know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve had a bit of a setback with my knee.  I maintain that the surgery was simple, only moderately painful, & absolutely a good idea…as long as you don’t do anything stupid, reckless, or klutzy afterward to hurt yourself all over again. :shark:

But my pain is your gain, since the incident motivated me to update the sidebar with all things accident-prone. :fly:   Check them out & let me know what you think.  I hope you’ll find them as amusing as I do! (Because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry, & I’ve done that a couple of times already. 🙁 )

In addition, I thought I would share a few more funnies that I found while searching for items for the sidebar.  And also because nurses & doctors keep asking me my pain level, then act confused when I give them my answer…so I wanted to find an official chart, with facial expressions, that I could keep in mind for a more accurate response. :burger:

This is what I found:

The real pain chart.
A much better pain chart!
More like my own personal pain chart. 😉


And last but definitely not least, NEW EMOTICONS!!! :hulagirl:

Yes, yes—it is officially Summer now, & we needed some officially Summer smilies to play with! :happysummer:

So check them out…use them to your heart’s content…& let me know what you think.  Hopefully they’ll add to your summer enjoyment. :pool:


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  1. MSusan says:

    Your chart is far more accurate!!
    Clearly the standard used was created by an academic vs real live ,in tears ,patient….who we know is only half believed,…” “That will improve in a couple weeks” not looking you in the eye but at the file notes.

    OR they watch you with that fake sympathy expression while slowly nodding their head. While YOU are upping the best vocabulary recall AND verbally re-designing THEIR chart to YOUR chart….with the very best ,most accurate real live civilian faces possible………a lesson in futility.

    Soooo relieved no more damage was done……
    grrrrrrrr…PT…..?… Give me a full body ultrasound( goodbye all spasms:-)) aanndd full body massage with special attention,gentle acupressure to injury ….then show me the exercises…..:-)……..or THE POOL(free, outside, close by, private swimclub, required 🙂 lifeguard and avail 24 hours) where bouyancy does half of lifting and the dreamy “environment” just prettys up rehab to far more fun…#patient dreaming #nurses get it
    Irony not lost on WHY we are referred to as “the patient”….

    Can you tell? (My insisting) 7 week eval vs 12 week eval this thurs A.M. ………#frustrating#rehab ditch#cranky#stinking hot humid

    Well done keeping it together, kitty comfort all around.
    A pleasure

    I see this as bucket of ammo next ???”dot com” sequel …series….triology?

    • Heidi Betts says:

      Yeah, after the surgery, I told them my pain was about a 3, but looking at the chart—the real one—it was probably closer to a 6. Just in the beginning, before the meds kicked in & they made me walk on it for the first time.

      Just like I told them: I really need the chart with the facial expressions. I am not a numbers person…even pain level numbers. :aargh:

  2. MSusan says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 MY lifeguard image is more like……..uuummmmmmmm…..====
    √HUNK of the Month….Just saying…MSM

  3. Dee says:

    Your pain chart is more accurate. Got to love doctors

    • Heidi Betts says:

      But the middle one is my fave. :lolol:

      My pain levels aren’t usually high, even straight out of surgery. But when I fell, it was the eyes-bleeding, no-numbers-can-possibly-express one. :burger:

  4. Ruth C says:

    :burger: I deal with the first pain chart with my residents. Wish I had the middle one….. :rollercoaster:

    • Heidi says:

      Right?! :lolol:

      I’ll bet there are times working with your residents when *you* feel like one of the numbers on the 2nd chart, huh? :aargh:

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