I’ve got about fifteen balls in the air right now, & am so far behind, I think I’m first. So in an effort to buy myself a little time—& cover the fact that I don’t have a single coherent thought in my head at the moment :slamdesk —Mistress Heidi & I are opening up The Dungeon for another stellar Out of the Cage Night!

PhotobucketThis is an invitation for you, our Darlings, to chat openly about any darn thing you want. :adevil2

You can talk about your job, your kids, the hubby…your favorite books or movies, or what you’re planning to read or see soon…

And here’s a topic I’ll introduce:  the current television season—both shows that are wrapping up & those that are just starting (or will premiere soon).

Like Missing.  I love, love, LOVE this show. But, sadly, ABC just announced its cancellation. :patrick2   I hate them for that, nearly (but not quite) as much as I still hate Fox for cancelling Firefly. :evilmonkey

Or Once Upon a Time, which has thankfully been renewed.  The season finale, though, was awesome.  So, so good!  I especially love how they ended things almost completely, just in case they didn’t get picked up again…then dropped a nice little bomb that will keep us dangling till next season.

Or House, M.D.  I used to love this show, I really did.  But the last couple seasons just didn’t do it for me.  I even considered giving up on it entirely, but then decided to stick it out until the bitter end.  I don’t know yet how they intend to close the series, but I will say I’m kind of relieved I won’t have to invest any more time in it next year.

Another show I’ve sort of been just going through the motions with is Desperate Housewives.  Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.  It had some high points & some low (read that: boring) ones.  But I did think the series finale was very well done.  It had me bawling my eyes out within the first five minutes, & then again at the end.  I only wish they’d ended on a high note, at the final poker game, rather than going on to describe what happened to everyone down the road.  That was a bit too heavy-handed, in my opinion, & also kind of depressing.

And finally, I have to mention that I think USA has come up with another original I’m going to love—Common Law.  Did everybody (or anybody?) watch the pilot?  It was so funny! :lolol   But also good when it comes to the mystery/crime drama aspect.  So if you haven’t caught it yet, be sure you do.  I’d put it up there with White Collar or Psych.  (Monk still tops my list, & I’m not sure anything will ever compare.)

Now it’s your turn…  Wanna talk TV or something else?  It’s entirely up to you.

The cage door is open & the mic is on. :devil