Jumping ahead a bit on the “I’ve got a secret” teasers, I’m currently working on edits for Top Secret Project #1 & was having a bit of trouble bolstering my hero’s conflict.

Then the other day, while reading a chunk of Lori Wilde’s Love at First Sight, it came to me—boom! :devil:

The solution to my editing problem didn’t actually have anything to do with Lori’s story, but the way she did something was exactly what I needed to see/hear/read in that moment to get my brain to spit out what I needed for my own book. :situp:

I went from Think, think, think—come on, brain, gimme something…

To Yes! That’s so good, I can hardly stand it!

And now I am back on track, juices flowing, progress being made.

It’s a good thing.

Thanks, Lori. :alice: