no more cobwebs

Confession #247:

Once in a while, when I’m too lazy to put on pants & think there’s little chance of being seen, I run outside in my nightshirt to do things like fill the bird feeders or dump compost.

Oh, come on—you do it, too, admit it. :dance:

Of course, doing this means I run the risk of having a bit of breeze kick up unexpectedly. :shark:

And every. single. time., the exact same movie quote (from Rock of Ages) runs through my head:

 photo gussets_zpsm1p9jkc2.jpg

The good news is, I’ve done this often enough that I’m pretty sure all the cobwebs have been blown away.


The bad news is, I may or may not inadvertently moon a neighbor from time to time.



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  1. Kathleen O says:

    I have so done that!!! :highfive:

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