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As you probably noticed from the sidebar, I started my holiday reading a bit early this year.  Partly because, while I was sorting books recently, so many Christmas-themed ones caught my eye.  And partly because I’m a slow reader, so if I want to get at least one or two holiday books read before Christmas, I usually have to start right after Halloween.

On my list this year—which I may not get through, but am at least going to take a stab at…& not in the homicidal maniac way—are:

Kansas City Christmas (a Harlequin Intrigue) by Julie Miller

Christmas Guardian (a Harlequin Intrigue) by Delores Fossen

Under the Millionaire’s Mistletoe (a Harlequin Desire 2-in-1) by Maureen Child & Sandra Hyatt

Santa, Baby by Lisa Renee Jones

A Season of Miracles by Heather Graham

Home for the Holidays by Lisa Plumley

Holiday Affair by Lisa Plumley

How about you—what’s on your holiday reading list this year that you’re going to at least attempt to get through? *g*


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  1. Anne says:

    I don’t deliberately look for Christmas books at Christmas time. When I stumble upon one and it sounds good I read it regardless of the time of year.

    I read The Bite Before Christmas by Heidi in October just because I felt like rereading it, but I didn’t remember it at all, so I think I confused it with something else (or just forgot because I read alot). I just finished the new release The Bite Before Christmas by Sands and Frost too, but both novellas could have taken place at anytime of the year, both barely mentioned Christmas.

    Out of the 20+ books on my table, none are Christmas or New Year’s themed. I’m currently reading a mystery called Mumbo Gumbo (the title caught my attention) and next up is Drink Me by Jacqueline Frank.

    • Heidi says:

      Well, cool! Considering BITE was released in Oct. (both times), I totally think that counts. And Avon (who did the Frost/Sands antho) totally stole their title from me, you know. :littlevamp

  2. Tamara Hoffa says:

    I love Christmas romances and have read about 10 so far this year. as recommendations:
    1) North of Need – Laura Kaye awesome!
    2) Secret Santa – Kristine Chenney – Hallmark Channel goodness
    3) the Bite Before Christmas – Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost
    4)Snowed in at School – Victoria Blisse

    these are the best ones I’ve read so far this year

    Hot for the Holidays – an anthology from last year is fab too

    • Heidi says:

      You are way ahead of me, I just started! I’ve got about that many on my pile, but don’t think I’ll get to all of them. I’m hoping for 3 or 4. :fangsmiley

  3. Livia Holton says:

    I buy Christmas romances each year knowing that I won’t get to them until the following Christmas season or beyond. This year I have in my pile six books all categories:

    Christmas Cover-up – Cassie Miles/Harl Intrigue
    A Steele For Christimas – Brenda Jackson/Kimani
    The CEO’s Christmas Propsition-Merline Lovelace
    Millionaire Under The Mistletoe – Tessa Radley
    Christmas In His Royal Bed – Heidi Betts
    Bedded Then Wed – Heidi Betts
    Do Not Disturb Until Christmas – Charlene Sands

    (Books 3 thru 7 are all Sil Desires)

    Since they’re categories I’ll probably get through these fairly quickly and maybe I can start on last years and this years romances. If I can’t then they’ll be in next year’s pile.

    • Heidi says:

      Ooh, excellent choices. Esp. those two toward the end of your list. :vamp

      BEDDED THEN WED isn’t a Xmas story, tho. I’d be perfectly happy to have you read it, but if you’re looking for the holiday theme, you might try INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY first. :fanglips

  4. Cathy Ward says:

    I’m been reading some ebooks that WERE free on Amazon… not sure if they still are.

    Home for Christmas by Kate Davies. LOL Misnamed since the hero and heroine went on a cruise for Christmas. Not a keeper.

    Christmas Scandal…Not! by Jeanne Savery. Completely not worth the download time, not to mention my reading time, though it was mercifully short.

    Christmas Redemption by Paty Jager. This one I am enjoying. About 40% through it so far. Oregon 1889.

    I did enjoy your The Bite Before Christmas. You just never think of vampires celebrating Christmas. LOL

    So far it’s been pretty icky but I still have a few downloaded to read. We’ll see how they go over the next few days.

    • Heidi says:

      That is too funny about the h/h of “Home for the Holidays” actually going *away* for the holidays! :lol

      Sorry you’re hitting some sour notes with your reading (it happens :uhoh ) but I’m glad you enjoyed BITE! Playing around with vamps at Xmas was so much fun! :coffin

  5. Kathleen says:

    Some of the books I have on hand for the next month’s reading.
    Holly Lane by Toni Blake,
    Take me home for Christmas by Robyn Carr
    Unwrapped By Donna Kauffman, Erin MCCarthyand Kate Angell
    Wicked Wonderland by LuAnn McLane, Susanna Carr and Janice Maynard
    The Christmas Brides by Linada Lael Miller
    Darn Good Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown
    1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber…

    Just to name a few!!!

    • Heidi says:

      Those sound like good ones, too! I actually have LLM’s Christmas Brides close by, too…& was thinking of digging out her Special Edition Xmas books—Christmas at Stone Creek, I think.

      I wish I had time to read them all—all at once! :jack

      • Kathleen says:

        I have read all those other LLM Christmas books.. I still have a few on my shelf, somewhere from last year I have not read yet… Just not enough time..

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