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Have I mentioned lately what awesome readers I have?  Well, I do.  Really, really awesome readers.

Quite out of the blue, the wonderful Darling Laura J. sent me this package of vampire goodness:


The amazing thing is that, even though I’ve been keeping my perfect night vision eyes peeled for all things vampire for months now, she managed to find things I don’t already have & have never seen. Every single wonderful item is delightfully new-to-me—& I love them! :surrprisse

The “Fan of the Fang” plaque…I so am! The Betty Boop socks…these are SO Mistress Heidi in her Halloween garb, it isn’t even funny. The adorable vampire pail…which I’ve already put to good use. The Dracula Pez dispenser…I’ve got a bat one, but not a vampire one, & I didn’t even know they made chocolate Pez! The black cat post-its…oh, how I love cats! oh, how I love office supplies! And the little black thingie resting on top of the post-its…you may not be able to see those very well, but it’s a bag of the cutest little vampire erasers. Fang-tastic, down to the last bite. :dracuulla

Thank you so much, Laura!  You made my Halloween…& maybe even my birthday. :blowkiss

But it’s not all about me today.  I also have a wee update to the official Vampire Swag Bag Giveaway that will be running until October 30th.

In addition to the prizes already listed, I will be tossing in two bottles of Bath & Body antibacterial hand gel—Vampire Blood (plum scented) & Bat Bite (apple scented).

You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for these items.  Also thanks to an ever-alert Darling Laura, these are two of the very first prizes I wanted for the “Fang-tastic Vampire Swag Bag” Giveaway.  But when I went looking for them, they were completely sold out.  Gack! :sadheart  I looked everywhere, visited all of my local stores…went online…nothing.  So even though I was disappointed, I went ahead & put the Vampire Swag Bag together without them.

But now I’ve got them…lots of them LOL…& I’m tossing them on the pile!


So if you haven’t yet entered, now is the time.  All you have to do is sign up for my Newsletter by clicking the graphic below. A list of prizes & official rules are available on both the Newsletter & Home pages.

Good luck!


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  1. fedora says:

    Those are fabulous, Heidi, and of course you have the best readers on the planet! That said, I was slightly disappointed to note that the additions aren’t in the form of hunks–the juxtaposition of the headlines in the feed I saw led me to believe that you were adding hunks to the loot. Alas… 😉

  2. Dee says:

    Nice haul!!

  3. Hollie says:

    Oh yes….a nice Minion hunk would be a nice addition to the de-bite-ful pile o’swag!!! :genie PLEASEEEEEEEEE

  4. Heidi says:

    If I could find a way to fit a tall, dark, & fang-some vampire hottie into this bag of goodies…yeah, I’d probably still keep him for myself, but I would at least let you look at him.

    Will the new vampire Hunks of the Month suffice instead? :dracuulla

  5. Hollie says:

    well if thats the only option then yes..they count!! :dancing and we got 2 of them!!! even better! :happyjoy

  6. Heidi says:

    Uh-oh, Dee changed her gravatar. I’m not sure I understand the significance, tho. Why, oh, why would she use the Italian flag? Hmmmmm… Nope, can’t think of a single reason. :gotcha

  7. Jane says:

    I had no idea Bath and Body Works had cool stuff like that for Halloween. Must go check them out at the store. :witch :frank

    • Heidi says:

      They’re very cool & smell really good. They’ve also got them for witches, zombies, candy corn… But good luck finding them in stock; I think all the Twilight geeks keep buying them out. :devil

  8. Laura J. says:

    First let me say: YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!!!! B’girl did help me with finding a few items. She of course wants to read Bite, but I had to remind her that she would probably want to wait a few years, you know, in case some guy (hero) is looking at some girl’s (heroine’s) butt, which of course she said she could wait.

    Second: The B&BW stuff and especially the vampire one smells amazing! So yeah, you want to be in the running for this contest for this cool addition to the Swag.

    • Heidi says:

      I suspected B-girl was involved. Tell her she has very good taste. :winkwink And, yes, she should probably wait a few years before reading BITE…there’s a bit more than just looking at butts going on there. ROTF

      You’re so right about how good the B&B stuff smells, too. I swear I haven’t been dipping into them, but I have taken off the caps a coulpe times for a nice, deep sniff. :happyjoy

  9. Jennifer E says:

    Love the Boop Socks! :thumbsup

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