In case you mistakenly thought we’re all goodness & light here in The Dungeon—remember, we’re Heidi & Mistress Heidi…sometimes nice :may223 , sometimes naughty :may23 —I thought I’d share something that we do on my HappyBookers Yahoo Loop:  Moan & Groan Mondays

Yes, I know we’re supposed to “think positive” & “keep smiling,” but once in a while you just need to vent…even if it’s only about the little annoyances in life. :may12

So if you have anything that’s rubbing you the wrong way, feel free to do a bit of Moaning & Groaning here with the rest of us.

For me, I’ll GROAN about the blister I got from a new pair of sneakers.  Of course, when I say “new,” I actually mean I got them at Goodwill, hoping they’d be decent (but not nice or expensive) shoes to use when I mow the yard.  Nothing fancy, but with a good amount of tread on the bottom.  Well, they felt fine in the store & when I first put them on at home.  But by the time I finished mowing the grass—on the riding mower, no less!—I had an ouchy on my heel & my little toe was throbbing.  So back to Goodwill they go.

And I’ll MOAN over the fact that my poor little HappyBookers Yahoo Group has been so quiet lately. :may38   I fear listservs may be on their way out, replaced by the more & more popular social media sites—which is fine; I will do my best to be flexible & adapt.  But I do wish HappyBookers was busier & more popular, with more members of the chatty sort.

Let me know what you think, by the way.  If you’re a HappyBooker, do you like your time on the loop or do you think it might be a waste of time?  And how do you feel about author loops in general? :may20

Allrighty—your turn!  What do you feel the need to Moan & Groan about this week?  Feel free to list more than just one of each, too.  Some weeks, I’ve got lots & lots to M&G about; some weeks I can barely think of a thing, so I know you guys will probably be the same. :may24