Moan & Groan Monday

Forget about Happy Sunday, I’m having a Moan & Groan Monday.  I’m just feeling annoyed this week…or maybe it’s a pile-up of recent stuff that I suddenly feel like venting about. :img9

Moan & Groan #1 — I lost one of my favorite rings.  Unlike the time I lost the stone out of one of my rings, then found it before I went to bed the same night, this ring has been missing for more than a month now.  I’m almost positive it’s still in the house; I took it off to wash my hands, & the other ring I’d been wearing with it was still on the island when I went back to get them, so I suspect one of The Kittehs decided to play with it or it rolled under an appliance or something.  But even though I think, believe, pray it’s still around here somewhere, no amount of searching or cleaning has helped me find it.  And did I mention that it’s one of my favorite, wear-it-all-the-time rings? :img16

Moan & Groan #2 — Just the other day, I broke one of my favorite cat food dishes.  It wasn’t cute or fancy or even expensive, it was just a really great size for filling with frozen nuggets & letting them defrost in the refrigerator.  But as I was putting it back in the fridge after feeding The Kittehs, I bumped it into the shelf, then lost my grip, & it cracked in half as soon as it hit the floor. :img30

Moan & Groan #3 — Taxes.  Dreaded, dreaded taxes.  Oh, how I hate them.  I shouldn’t; once they’re done, they never seem to be as bad as I make them out to be.  But they really are such a pain, aren’t they?  Just getting around to gathering all my receipts is rough enough…never mind having to sort them all, then do all that eye-crossing & headache-inducing math. :img6  And then there’s the fact that The Kittehs feel the need to “help” me with my taxes.  They constantly like to sleep on &/or slide through my piles of separated receipts.  Or while I’m desperately trying to keep numbers straight & not hit the wrong button on my calculate so I only have to tally receipts once, they just have to walk across my work space or insist they need to be on my lap right now. :img13

Ugh.  And all of that is before I even call Tax Guy, then have to meet with him to go over everything.  I don’t dislike Tax Guy, but the whole thing is just a big, old pain in the butt. :img9

All right, I’m taking a deep breath & trying to let all of this go… :img27

But how about you?  Anything going on in your life that you’d like to Moan & Groan about?  If so, this is the day to do it…we’re all feeling it & are ready to listen! :img19


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    That’s much to groan about. Everything was fine here until about midnight. That’s when my neighbors started fighting and she started screaming for help. So we called the police and I even called again when they brought a physical fight outside right in front of my apartment door. The police came and talked to us and both of them went to jail for mutual battery. I really hope they move soon…

    • Heidi says:

      Ugh, how awful. You have my sympathies. That sort of thing is not only annoying, but nerve-wracking, too. Here’s a second hope that they move soon! :img4

  2. Anne says:

    It’s snowing this morning and through 11ish. Only skidded twice though.

    • Heidi says:

      Oy, be careful! No snow here at the moment, but who knows if that will last! :img15 And sometimes, even w/o snow, the roads can be slick if there’s enough moisture in the air & the temps are low. :img6

  3. Donna A says:

    I woke to kitty yark in one of my slippers. Ugh. Rainy cloudy day perfect for me to stay in and try to find my wedding ring which went flying as the cats clawed over my face this morning or I may just go back to bed. :img2

    Love the new emoticons.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, no – that’s a rough morning. :img30 The Kittehs have been barfing up a lot of hairballs this week, too. We seem to go thru stretches w/ lots of turk…& stretches w/ absolutely nothing. *sigh*

      Hey, if you find your ring, maybe that’s a sign that I’ll find mine! :img16

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