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PhotobucketWhat did I tell you?  I am still working on the same love scene as last week.  Which proves my point:  either I am slow, or they are.  Or maybe a little of both. :starwars

I swear, it feels like I write the longest love scenes on the planet.  And it’s not that they’re erotica.  Yes, I’m capable of going super-hot; even my Desires tend to be fairly steamy & intense.  But it’s not all sex going on.  Sometimes I tend to mix in a fair amount of dialogue &/or introspection, as well.  In fact, I looked it up one time, & my love scenes tend to run about 10 pages, at least—& that’s in the final printed book. :love

Do they seem that long to you?  Do you start to think, Geez, this is taking forever.  Just get it over with already! while you’re reading?  Or do they feel completely appropriate & well-rounded to you, only moving slowly from my end?  (*snork* Maybe I shouldn’t ask, huh? :splat: )

It really is different to be on the inside of these things looking out.  Kind of how it takes six months to write a book & only two hours to read one. :waaa

But mark my words—by this time next week, I will have finished this verkakte love scene & moved on to the next Big Step in Reid & Juliet’s relationship! :luvsmenot

(P.S.  Despite the tone of this post, I really am loving this story & the love-scene-that-wouldn’t-end.  More than once, I’ve written something that gave me chills & made me think, “Oooh, these characters are awesome!”  So no worries…it will all come together beautifully in the end. :like )


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  1. Tammy Beck says:

    I’ve never been bored or disappointed in any of your love scenes. I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Good Luck! :cheers

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