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Reviews for THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS are starting to come in, & I thought I’d share a couple of snippets from the ones I’ve received so far…

Debby of SingleTitles.com says: “A book for paranormal lovers and filled with Christmas delights, The Bite Before Christmas and Heidi Betts have the perfect collection for you.”

And “The Bite Before Christmas was exciting and fun to read with its witty conversations and clever plotting. The characters were hot and sexy, and certainly deserved their Merry Christmases. A few problems for each hero and heroine needed to be worked out, problems that could be suspenseful or emotional. But work them out they, all did to the delight and amazement of the reader. Heidi Betts has penned a book that will take its place among our holiday fare for reading delight.”

Whoo-hoo! Talk about a quotable review. :inlove:  Thank you, Debby! You can read the full review here.

And Cece Johns of Romance Reviews Today says:  “The Bite Before Christmas is a light and airy read about the Christmas season, just with the vampires who are all around us highlighted. They can love and lust just like the rest of us; they just have extra ‘abilities.’ I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy and relish each story, and they will put you in the spirit of the Season while you carefully watch those around you, wondering…which of them are vampires, hmmmm?”

Yes, I do believe vampires walk amongst us. :vampire:

Thanks, Cece!  The full review will be up at http://www.romrevtoday.com/ beginning October 1st.


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  1. Dee says:

    Awesome news!!!!!

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