is it a romance?

Is it a Romance?  What makes it a Romance?

Those are questions that seem to come up again & again in the writing industry.  And yes, even in the romance industry, given the ever-growing list of sub-genres that want to fall under the Romance umbrella.

Without a doubt, this is the best answer to “What is Romance?” that I’ve ever seen!  And so—unabashedly & unapologetically—I am stealing it from Cora Buhlert‘s blog:


And I not only invite, but encourage you to visit the page yourself:

In fact, you’ll probably be able to see the flowchart better over there than you can here, since The Dungeon‘s blog space is a bit on the small side. #smiley6

But truly, the next time you’re wondering—or someone asks—if a book or movie or anything else is a Romance, simply ask yourself these simple questions & follow where the arrows lead. #smiley15


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  1. dee says:

    I think that flowchart hit the nail on the head. I need the happily ever after.

    • Heidi says:

      My thoughts exactly! And me, too—I definitely want the HEA. #smiley5

      Altho I will admit, I read a couple of authors/series where there’s no HEA…but I know that going in *&* I don’t consider them Romance. Roman*tic* in places, maybe, but not Romance-Romance. #smiley10

  2. barbie pomales says:

    #smiley14 sweet its easy and simple to use #smiley13

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