i’m back!

im back Pictures, Images and PhotosWhew, what a week.  I swear, it felt like the longest of my life. :faint

I’ve finally got my computer back, but what I expected to take a day or two ended up taking six.  And how’s this for irony—I’m not sure it’s fixed! LOL

I actually took the thing into the shop because I needed them to set up a new external hard drive & streamline a couple of other things, but since the stupid thing has been crashing on me quite a bit lately, I told them to go ahead & figure out what the deal was with that at the same time so I would no longer want to :smash on a daily basis.

The good news is, they ran all kinds of diagnostic tests & didn’t find any viruses, worms, or other signs that my poor PC might needed to go on antibiotics. :thumbsup

The bad news is, they ran it for two days straight, looked into everything they could think of, & it never crashed even once.  They couldn’t make it crash, even though it does it for me on a regular basis without prompting of any kind. :stinky   (Is that like taking your sick-for-a-week kid to the doctor only to have them smile & laugh & seem perfectly fine, or what?)

So I bring it home, hook it back up, turn it on…& what happens?  You guessed it!  Within the first five minutes, it CRASHED! :smash

But, y’know, I’m just going to deal with it.  If it keeps up, I’ll go back in & tell them to dig deeper, but for now, I’m just happy to have the stupid thing back, no matter how it’s acting. :brava

It’s about 10:30pm as I’m writing this, though, & I am tired, so give me a couple days to get my act in gear & catch up, okay?  I’ve got about 350 gazillion e-mails to wade through, most of them work-related. :crazy   But I know I’ve got some prize winners to announce, & if I get around to it, I’ll put together a new FBF post for tomorrow.  Otherwise, you’ll get whatever flotsam my soggy brain can manage. :tpspspspt

But even though I’m tired & behind & slightly clueless, at least I can finally say :imback


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  1. Alex D says:

    WELCOME BACK!!!!! :blowkiss You were missed!!! but still entertaining :Bigthumbs

  2. Pamela Cayne says:

    Sounds like what I’m going through with my car. Hope your PC feels better soon (and good to have you back!!) :blowkiss

  3. mary k says:

    So glad to have you back. A friend of mine just got her computer back from the pc doc too, they told her that she didn’t have a virus but that she had waaay to much stuff on her computer because she never emptied out her recycle bin or deleted her cookies or temporary internet files, which will slow things down and even make it crash.

    • Heidi says:

      This is what they told me, too…& they actually cleared out a lot of that gunk. But the funny thing is that I *thought* I’d been doing that. I empty my recycle bin, I delete cookies, I have Firefox set to even empty that stuff automatically upon closing…but apparently it wasn’t working. So they set me up with something I can run once a week to do that for me. We’ll see if it helps.

      Altho, having it crash 2 seconds after I got it back from them…I’m not encouraged. :crazy

  4. Heidi says:

    P.S. Be sure to check out the newly updated sidebar…not only is it funny (as usual!) but there’s a “ONE MONTH ONLY” special running for March that I want y’all to be aware of. :winkwink

  5. Anne says:

    Computers are just like cars. You go in, explain the problem, they (always men) give you the look. They work the computer or drive the car and ……..nothing. Gah!

  6. Hollie says:

    Welcome back!! I missed you! Its just not the same without you! :blowkiss

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