i wasn’t wrong, I was just mistaken

So last week, just as I was finishing up JoAnn Ross’s Blaze—which I read as research…yeah, that’s it, research…because of it’s South Carolina setting :cantputdown —I noticed in the TV guide that Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen was going to be on Lifetime.

Did you know Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen had been made into a TV movie?  I either didn’t, or did, but forgot. :tongue

I thought it would be fun to watch it, but I really like to read a book first before I see the movie version.  At least when it comes to romance novels; not so much when it comes to other stuff I probably wouldn’t read, anyway, like The Count of Monte Cristo (yum! :cupcake ) or the Twilight saga (blech! :spikey ).

And I was very excited, because I knew I had Smoke Screen somewhere on my teetering TBR pile & could start it right away!  So I quickly dug it up & started reading.  Yay for me!

Now ask me what it is that I’m currently reading.

Oh, that would be:

Uh-huh.  I totally grabbed the wrong Sandra Brown book! :knock I think I blame the proliferation of Ss & similarity in her recent titles.  That’s right, Ms. Brown, my confusion is all your fault! :wink

I can’t complain too loudly because it’s really good, but this doesn’t exactly help me get Smoke Screen read so that I can watch the movie, does it?  Sigh.

Now it’s your turn—

Have you ever started reading a book that you thought was something else?  Or picked up a book by one author, when you thought it was by another?

And if you remember the incident well enough, was it a happy accident (i.e. you ended up really liking the book, even though it wasn’t what you expected or you ended up discovering a great new author you might not have otherwise) or a sad one?


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    I have actually done that. I thought I was getting one book because I remembered the cover but what I actually got was a re-issued older book by the same author with a new cover that looked a lot like the one I was looking for. But it was cool ebcause I hadn’t read this particular book and it turned out to be pretty good.

    • Heidi says:

      I get covers confused sometimes, too…some of them really can look similar. And the reissue thing…oh, yeah, that throws me for a loop sometimes, too. Esp. when the title also gets changed. :angrychick

  2. Anne says:

    I stopped by to see the Hump Hunk…oh, yeah it’s only Tues. …sigh….

    I’m sure I’ve picked the wrong book a couple of times, but I can’t remember specifics.

    • Heidi says:

      :ROFL I’ve done that a time or two myself…but it’s nice to know folks enjoy Happy Hunk Day so much, they check in a full day ahead of time. :bw

  3. Hollie says:

    woohooooo New emoties!!!! :whistledev
    and wheres LJ to enjoy them??? :que Hopefully she’ll be in to see them soon!
    I like to read the excerpts in the back of books…then when the book finally comes out I think I’ve already read it…jeesh… :mistress

    still playing with the newbies….. :bw :devang :chick :naughty

    • Heidi says:

      Yes, yes, aren’t they awesome? :getdown There’s still some tweaking to be done…old ones taken out, some sizing issues to deal with, but I tried to give us a new selection that’s not only fun, but also w/ some cooking ones thrown in for my upcoming baker book for Desire. :cookin

      And I hope Darling Laura is back soon, too. Heard her surgery went well, but you know how those things go…you feel fine while they’re doping you up, but once you’re home & off the drugs… :bloody

  4. Heidi says:

    As an aside, what is Sandra Brown’s obsession with killing dogs in her books? I’m about halfway thru Smash Cut now & *really* enjoying it…right up to the point where the hero’s dog is murdered. :crying

    WTF? Why?! I hate that. Can never re-read Exclusive for the same reason, & now this one, which *had* been on its way to being a keeper. :humpf

    • Laura J. says:

      Okay was that really necessary?!? I’m like you I don’t like things like that in books.

      • Heidi says:

        From a RomSusp, upping the ante perspective, I get it…but that doesn’t mean I LIKE or approve of it. It can really ruin a book/show/movie for me, cuz once I know it happens, I’ll finish the story, but I probably won’t read/watch it ever again. :humpf

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