Hunk of the Month

It’s time to vote for our Hunk of the Month for July. And July is hot, right? So it’s only fair that I make your choices very hot & :sexy & beach-worthy.

PhotobucketI’m hidin’ my rocks behind this rock.

PhotobucketSadness is… having no one to swim with, even though I’m wearing my sexy blue Speedo.

PhotobucketYou can never be too wet or too sexy.

PhotobucketZee sand, it is so hot—and so am I.


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  1. Jessica Lemmon says:

    If I know your gang, Heidi, this month is a NO BRAINER! :mistress

    (And now I’m quoting Young Guns 2, “It ain’t your gang, Dave!”)

  2. Jessica Lemmon says:

    aaaand my vote isn’t showing… :humpf

  3. Leigh Duncan says:

    Excellent choices, Heidi.

  4. KathyP says:

    I voted :eyelashes

  5. Irene says:

    My personal weakness is for guys in bluejeans…if you look closely, I think the too wet guy is wearing cutoffs.
    Got my vote.

  6. Jessica Lemmon says:

    Poor Hot Sand. No love* on the Vote-o-Meter for him. :crying

    (as of 6:23p EST)

    • Heidi says:

      That might be a good thing. I realized (belatedly) that he may end up quite squished if I try to fit him into the uber-narrow sidebar. :oucher

      Looks like “On the Rocks” has some competition now, tho. :wink

  7. Hollie says:

    I went with Too Wet…Kind of looks like Josh Holloway….gotta love Sawyer!!! :bees

  8. Laura J. (still in my top secret place a.k.a my happy place) says:

    Well as you know each month I offer to console the losers, er I mean runner ups (no losers here, nope not at all). My offer stands again this month. :inbed

  9. Tracy says:

    :flag Great choices!!! All are good!

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