Hunk of the Month

Who, oh, who should be our HUNK OF THE MONTH for April?

(Check Out These Abs)

(Neon Nookie)

(Feelin’ Shady)

(Mo’ Muscles)

Who should be our Hunk of the Month for April?

Check Out THESE Abs
Neon Nookie
Feelin’ Shady
Mo’ Muscles

Do Quizzes


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  1. Kathleen O says:


  2. Leeannlovingthebooks says:

    Mo Myscles…please and thank you. 😉

  3. Dee says:



  4. Ruth C says:

    :alice: Tough choices again this month. :cuffs:

    • Heidi says:

      Every month! Mistress Heidi is in charge, remember, & her motto is “No pain, no pain.” Or is it, “You can never have too many Dungeon Hotties”?

      Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one. :devil:

  5. sharon says:

    :spring: Def. Feeling Shady! 🙂

  6. Donna A says:

    Mo’ Muscles for me :cuffs:

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