Hunk of the Month

 photo 1098480_10153070297135392_1371653369_n_zps28a2b93a.jpg(Hard at Work #1)

 photo 1011821_10152951151490392_890732830_n_zps8654e707.jpg(Hard at Work #2)

 photo 936366_10152755068805392_1423144661_n_zpscd509b2c.jpg(Workin’ Out #1)

 photo 580649_10152402685755392_1624758710_n_zpsb3002fc2.jpg(Workin’ Out #2)


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  1. Donna A says:

    Another fine selection. I went with Hard At Work #1.

  2. Anne says:

    Great selection this month!

  3. Heidi says:

    I’m having trouble deciding who to vote for, too…I think I need to stare at them all a while longer. :cutekittygreen

  4. Renee Entress says:

    Can you throw us the ones you don’t want….


    • Heidi says:

      Heh heh. I don’t know, I think Mistress Heidi keeps the non-winners (cuz how could any of these guys be “losers” :kittyquestion ) in The Dungeon to fulfill her own wicked desires. :runkitty

  5. Kathleen O says:

    Lets just say that they are all fine looking… but my taste goes to Workin out #2

  6. Laura J. says:

    If you are having a hard time deciding Heidi…why not put all four of them up for the month?!?!? :kittywink

    (also–from yesterday when I send in the nominations are they category for the two harlequins and what about for Gimme Shelter? I want to make sure I nominate them in the right spot.)

    • Heidi says:

      One of these days, I am going to put all 4 up in teh sidebar—just for you, Darling Laura. :doggielick

      As for the BookJunkies nom (THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :heartkitty ), it looks like “Gimme Shelter” would go under “Best Romantic Novella”…unless you want to nominate the entire antho for “Best Anthology”.

      The two Desires (HEIRESS & LULLABIES) would fall in the “Best Category Romance” category.

      This is the page that lists all the categories: But there *are* a lot of them & it is a little hard to differentiate between some of them.

      Thanks again for the nominations! :hugpuppy

  7. Hollie says:

    Wow…great group to choose from…but since its my birthday month..I pick all of them!!! :winkcat

  8. Tammy B says:

    If we only get to choose one it will be..Hard At. Work #2.

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