Hunk of the Month

For this month’s Hunk of the Month poll, I’m going to let you choose which picture of the second runner up for heroic inspiration for PROJECT: RUNAWAY HEIRESS goes in the sidebar.  That’s right—before I landed on the ideal Kevin McKidd as inspiration for my sexy Brit, Nigel Statham, I was toying with the idea of using the equally sexy Simon Baker.

So what do you think…

Which almost-Nigel would you like to see in the sidebar through the month of May?

 photo Nigel6.jpg(Sophisticated Simon)

 photo Nigel4.jpg(Sexy Simon)

 photo Nigel2.jpg(Scruffy Simon)

 photo Nigel.jpg(Suave Simon)


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  1. Alexia Evans says:

    :lovemykitty It’s too hard to choose.

  2. Renee Entress says:

    Sexy is the best!!!!


  3. Kathleen O says:

    There all good, but I think Sexy Simon was going to be a shoe in… :heartkitty

  4. Donna A says:

    I voted scruffy. Looks like he just got out of bed. :heartkitty

    • Heidi says:

      I had to wake him up. Come on, come on, I want to take your picture, I said. So he rolled out of bed & let me snap one. But then we immediately crawled back under the covers… :puppydance

      • Cindy Rushford says:

        :cutekittygreen :laughing I voted scruffy too ummm love that just woke up and made love look :goteam :laughing

  5. Ana Carolina says:


  6. julie c says:

    i would go for sexy simon :kittywink. but suave simon is nice too. :laughing. it’s so hard to choose!

  7. julie c says:


  8. Michelle Tack says:

    Sexy! :heartkitty

  9. Laura J says:

    I believe what we have here is what they call a win-win-win-win scenario (said my very best southern lady drawl). Yummy! :bigeyew

  10. Laura J says:

    Since there was an “oops!” Does that mean we can have 2 Simon’s next month?!?!?! :puppydance

    (Also…guess who sold your book today? Oh yeah, that would me. She didn’t know what she wanted to read, I suggested you and well the rest is history!!) :puppydance

  11. Heidi says:

    Looks like “Sexy Simon” is our winner! :goteam

    Watch for him to show up in the right blog sidebar starting May 1st. :winkcat

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