how to get a new laptop absolutely free!

Stay tuned for my very first  WIPs and Chains infomercial! :scarymonster

Nah, I’m just kidding.  This isn’t going to be spam or phishing or an offer too good to be true.  But it is going to be the story of how I managed to get the promise of a brand new laptop from Madame Mommy Dearest. :pumpkinoncoffee

So normally, I write on my AlphaSmart Neo or sometimes by hand.  But when it comes to editing & proofreading, I like to use MMD‘s laptop.  The reasons are myriad.  For one, I don’t actually own a laptop & MMD hardly ever uses hers, so it’s no problem for me to bum it once in a while.  For another, I can’t stand to sit at my desk for the long stretches it takes to do extensive edits or proofread an entire manuscript; it hurts my back & shoulders & neck, & dries out my eyeballs like nobody’s business. :bloodyeye   But with the laptop, I can sit in my comfy chair with the TV on & still work in Word on a decent-size screen.  For a third, the laptop has internet access, which my Neo does not; that means I can peek into Facebook & Twitter to see what’s going on & post updates without getting off my butt. :BOO   Internet access also means that I can do bits of research now & again when I need to, also without getting off my butt.  (FYI, I do not consider this lazy, I consider it streamlined & a time saver. :spider )

I’ve been using MMD‘s laptop quite a bit lately, though.  Proofing & revisions & line edits, etc. just kept rolling in, so I never bothered giving the laptop back.  And I admit, it’s kind of convenient to have it nearby for all of the above reasons.  (Hey, there are steps involved, & sometimes I have a kitteh on my lap. :coffin )

So finally, MMD asked for her laptop back.  Then the asking turned to begging, because I kept making excuses.  And eventually, MMD had to resort to bartering.  She says, “Why don’t I buy you your own laptop so I can have mine back?”

Wha…? :ghostinmailbox   Now that’s an intriguing offer.  But MMD is not to be trusted.  After losing my prescription glasses while on vacation, she promised to pay for me to have LASIK surgery.  Oh, I had the surgery, but at the last minute, she backed out of paying for it. :dracula   Reminding her of this & also telling her how much my preferred laptop (a Macbook :stayback ) is likely to cost, she says, “I know, I know, but this time, I promise.  If you give my laptop back, I’ll buy you a new one.”

What do you think?  Should I trust her this time or not? :scaredcat

But that’s not all!

Just because MMD has her own laptop doesn’t mean she knows how to use it.  Nine times out of ten, she runs into trouble of some kind & comes running to me to help her or fix it. :sweetwitch

So MMD sweetened the pot by adding that if I return her laptop & continue to help her with it when she gets stuck, she would also consider getting me an Apple TV receiver.  I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about them, but from what I hear, it allows you to watch stuff from your computer, Netflix, or that you’d normally stream from online on your regular TV.  Boy, do I like that idea!

Now we just have to see if she follows through.

And for the record, I still have her laptop.  I’m hanging on to it as collateral. :biggrimreaper


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    That is too funny. I say tell her your going to come pick her up and get the new laptop and go straight to the computer store. Pick one out and say, “Thanks for buying this for me.” and head for the check stand…lol

    • Heidi says:

      No kidding. But the scary part is, she’s offered to go a couple times now & I’m always the one who doesn’t want to be bothered getting dressed & going out. :risingghost

      Oh! And she now says, “You can put it on your credit card so you get the points, then I’ll pay you back.” Hmm…that doesn’t sounds quite as legit, does it? :coffin

      • Cindy Rushford says:

        :scarymonster that last sounds a little suspect. I hope you do get one though. 🙂 :catpumpkin i understand about not being able to sit up at the desk that is my problem too. with the fibro and the arthritis I just cannot do it. Sometimes I cannot even stand the lap top. Anyways best of luck to you . Think of something to sweeten the pot or bribe her with that is sure to make her want to get it for you. :spider

        • Heidi says:

          Something about sitting at the PC puts my posture all out of whack, then my neck & shoulders & back & eyes…every darn thing hurts. :scaredcat

      • Laura J. says:

        A little suspect on the credit card. Tell her that you will give her the total, she writes you a check and then after you have said check in hand, put it on your credit card. AND once check clears and laptop is in hand-then you hand hers back to her. win-win-win :blinky

        Just a little fyi–you can order a Mac online. Shop in jammies I say!!!! :spider

        • Heidi says:

          If I knew what I was looking for/talking about, I probably would, but I feel more confident going somewhere I can play with a display model & ask a real person questions first.

          But I still might go in my jammies! :ghostinmailbox

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