Here’s a question for you:

As a reader HOW DO YOU PREFER TEXT MESSAGES TO APPEAR when they show up in a book you’re reading?

We all know that a lot of numbers & letters show up in text messages in place of longer words.  For example:  “Where r u?”“C u 2nite”“kthxbi”

But when you’re not reading an actual text & are instead reading a book, do you prefer to see that, because it’s more similar to modern texting habits, or would you rather see everything written out in proper English, letting your brain shorthand it later? (i.e. “Where are you?”“See you tonight.”“Okay, thanks. Bye!”)

Yes, there’s some texting going on in Top Secret Project #3, & I’m trying to figure out how I want to portray that.

On the one hand, I’m a stickler for proper English…& spelling…& grammar.  If I do anything improper in my books—along those lines, I mean :smiley3 —it’s almost always on purpose.  Or at least with the clear knowledge that I’m making the mistake.  (Sometimes things just read better when you play a loosey-goosey with the grammar rules, but I always know I’m doing it. :smiley30 )

On the other, I’m well aware that few people use proper spelling & grammar while texting—Yours Truly included.  When it comes to texting & making handwritten notes, I’m not just loosey-goosey, I’m a total wet noodle!  I cut corners & use all the easy abbreviations. :smiley26

Yet using text shorthand while I’m writing a book feels very strange.  Not wrong, exactly, but odd & uncomfortable. :smiley7

That being said, I want to make sure I’m relaying text messages between my characters in a way that YOU, the READER will understand & feel is most realistic.

So tell me—which do you prefer?

Or do you even care?  Maybe it doesn’t matter to you one way or the other, because you focus only on the story & not so much on the book’s formatting. :smiley28

But either way, let me know! :smiley24