hot buttered rum day!

In addition to Martin Luther King Day, today is Hot Buttered Rum Day.

Hmm, which do you think Mistress Heidi wants to celebrate most?

On the one hand, MLK Day is a national holiday, which means a day off work.  (For most people; stay-at-home writers have no concept of holidays, really, nationally observed or otherwise.)

On the other, sitting down with a nice Hot Buttered Rum (or six) sounds infinitely more enjoyable.

Yes, let’s go with celebrating Hot Buttered Rum Day!

Here is a recipe anyone can pull off (even me!) as long as you’ve got yourself a little Captain Morgan handy.

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum #233230 Pictures, Images and Photos



spices (such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice…)

orange zest (optional)

2 oz. dark or spiced rum

water or apple cider

salted butter


Sprinkle a little sugar, the spices of your choice, & orange zest (if preferred) into mug.

Add rum.

Fill mug with hot water, or warm apple cider, if you prefer.

Top off warm brew with pat of salted butter. Let butter melt before stirring it all together.


As a funny aside, I have to tell you that Madame Mommy Dearest is actually the one who brought this great holiday to my attention.  Then she asked me to make her one.  Only she didn’t want the butter on top.  To which I replied, “Without the butter, it’s really just hot rum, & you don’t need me for that.” *snork*


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  1. mary k says:

    I don’t drink but my hubby does, he’ll take a hot buttered rum, vodka and Oj or anything else that one has in the bar….LOL

  2. Laura J. says:

    MMD knows all the best holidays!!!!! :notworthy

    How awesome is it that if follows National Nothing Day?

    Did nothing yesterday and today we celebrate surviving doing nothing!!!! :Bigthumbs

  3. Dee says:

    Here’s what’s up for the rest of the week…

    January 18 is … Winnie the Pooh Day
    January 19 is … National Popcorn Day
    January 20 is … National Buttercrunch Day
    January 21 is … National Hugging Day
    January 22 is … National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day and National Blonde Brownie Day

  4. Hollie says:

    Why was Piglet looking in the potty????
    He was looking for Pooh!!
    LoL!! guess Im a day early!! LOLOLOL :blowkiss

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