Happy Veteran’s Day & Birthday to me



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  1. flchen1 says:

    Woohoo, Heidi!!! Wishing you a VERY happy birthday!! ALL the pressies and cake!! :blackcat:

  2. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday! It started sometime in my early teens, in my family the bday person gets ALL the left over cake to themselves. It’s usually half of the cake and we used a box mix so it wasn’t completely crazy huge.

    Nothing like bday cake for breakfast. YUM!

  3. Kathleen O says:

    Happy Birthday Heidi.. Wishing you a fabulous day! :leafjump:

  4. Tammy says:

    Happy Birthday, Heidi! :leafjump:

  5. Donna Antonio says:

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday

    :juggle: :blackcat:

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