Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday! How are you doing this week?  Well, I hope, with lots of great stuff you’re been dying to share with your fellow Darlings. :tada

This week, I AM HAPPY that we had a couple days of really lovely weather.  Not too cold, not too warm.  I could open the doors & window for a little fresh air (& for The Kittehs, of course :yummy ).

I AM HAPPY that my author copies of SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES arrived.  It’s so much fun to open the box & see them all in there, nestled together.  And now I get to give some of them away!  Keep an eye out for those Free Book Friday posts.  LULLABIES may show up there more than once. :elvis

I AM HAPPY that I discovered a great new site for cat food.  Chewy.com carries pet food & treats only, but in really great, healthy brands that you can’t always find everywhere else.  Their prices are really decent, too…& they offer free shipping & handling for orders over $49—which we all know isn’t hard to hit when it comes to stocking up for the furbabies.

In fact, they were all around awesome when it came to helping me track down new food for Elder Kitty.  She was being so picky & I have to be so careful about what I feed her now.  I checked out the Chewy.com site, then e-mailed customer service with questions about a particular brand of food, & they got back to me immediately.  I mean seriously fast!  They were also running a sale, so their prices for what I wanted were significantly lower than anywhere else.  And once I did place an order…well, I was sitting here thinking, “That should take about a week. I hope I have enough other stuff on hand that Precious will eat until it arrives.”  But guess what?  It arrived the very next day!  I woke up & this giant box was sitting on my porch!  It didn’t even occur to me that it might be my Chewy.com order because no way could it have arrived that fast.  Ha!  But it was.  I had one very happy kitteh on my hands that day, let me tell you.

So definitely check them out.  And spread the word to others who might be interested, because I was super-impressed.  I’ll be ordering from them again in the future, too, believe me!

I AM HAPPY, too, that I’m still enjoying this iMac.  Okay, so there’s a lot I still don’t know how to do.  And not everything has been transferred from the PC yet.  (I don’t even have a writing program set up yet because I keep getting conflicting opinions on which way to go—Pages or Word for Mac. :cat )  But…I only recently realized that I don’t need to get up & wander off to do other things forty-seven times a day because my computer has crashed.  This thing just works & runs & lets me do whatever I want for as long as I want without overheating & having a total system collapse.  (Gee, what a concept. :Jack )  I’m also enjoying a few aspects of the e-mail & browser programs & that Finder thing.  So maybe this wasn’t a terrible idea, after all. LOL

Okey-dokey.  So what great stuff have been going on with you this week?  Give us the highlights & let us do a little Elvis Dance for you. :bluesuedeshoes

Now to announce the winner of an early autographed copy of my November Harlequin Desire SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES from Free Book Friday

:dancebat Yazmin Rangel!!! :dancebat

Congratulations, Yazmin! :hitched Please contact me with your mailing information, & I’ll get signed copy of SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Colleen says:

    Congrats to Yazmin!
    I am happy the weather is starting to cool down where I live… I am happy that I have been able to squeeze in a ton of reading this weekend! :cat

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I am happy a book I pre-ordered 6 months ago, when it didn’t even have a cover photo yet…finally came in the mail and I had the whole day to myself to read it.

    I am happy my noisy, door slamming neighbors moved out in the middle of the night.

    I am happy that my two rats have just turned 3 years old and are still quite healthy and happy. This is good news because a rats life span is usually between 3-4 years. But they are both still a couple of happy ratties.

  3. Laura J. says:

    Congrats Yazmin!!

    And YAY Heidi for finally finding Elder Kitties food!!! Sounds like an awesome place. It’s rare these days to find such good customer service at this level.

    It’s been a busy week at work again. Several very early days and I don’t do “early”, but I still enjoy what I do and got to see some very pretty scenery this last week. One more week of crazy busy and then normal busy before crazy busy again.

    I love my Mac too Heidi and I’m so glad I found a place that would upgrade it for me so I didn’t have to get a new one (Apple Store was helpful, not). If you start to run out of room on your Mac it can be upgraded just not through the Apple Store (and they will tell you it can’t and it has to be done when you buy it….blah, blah, blah).

    B’girl wanted me to tell you that she is happy that she got her beam routine yesterday.

  4. Hollie says:

    YAY Yazmin!

    YAY B-GIRL!! :bluesuedeshoes
    sounds like everyone is happy!!

    I’m happy today because I only have one week before the start of fall break!!!YAY!!! We are almost done with the first 9 weeks of school!!
    I am happy that my very dear Aunties and Uncle are arriving on Friday for my Mom’s turn at their annual Christmas…there will be a bonfire on Saturday and a white elephant gift exchange! I have made my own white elephant..the BOOB SCARF!!! Yay Me!! no pattern..but I’ve lived with my own boobs for 30+ years and figured it out all on my own! :floating I can NOT wait to see the looks on my Mom’s Amish neighbors when the fighting begins for this gift!! mwahahahahahahaha :lolgeez

    oh and I’m also happy that I got invited to join a book review blog..I’ll get to post once a week on any book..current or old!! I’m really excited!! :showbiz

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