Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everybody!  I hope you’re having a great weekend to top off an even better week.

Do you have your list of happies ready to share? :chickendance

This week, I AM HAPPY that I’ve got a shiny new title for my November Harlequin Desire:  SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES.  I’m always a little nervous when my editor(s) tell me I need to come up with a different title for a book I already gave a perfectly good title.  (Hey, it was! :evilmonkey )  But this time around, I think the new title may be even better than the old one, & I love it! :happysun

I AM HAPPY still with my quite unexpected Mother’s Day gifts.  Thanks to Gramma Pugga (a.k.a. Madame Mommy Dearest), who did the actual shopping for my little kiddos, I received a pile of adorable Winnie-the-Pooh books.  Mostly Classic Pooh, which I have an extra-squishy soft spot for.  One from each of The Kittehs, which is just too adorable.  And from Madame Mommy Dearest herself, I got another pile of those Pepsi flavored lip balms I love. :eeee

For the record, I made dinner for her (dealing with crowded restaurants on holidays is verboten; I’ll take you out the day before or the evening after, but the day of—no, thank you) & we tried a brand new beer I discovered the week before—Shiner Ruby Redbird.  A seasonal brew with grapefruit & ginger—yum! :cool

I think I AM HAPPY with something that’s in the works in the background of my life.  It’s been kind of a pain & I don’t even remotely have a handle on it yet, but when all is said & done, I think I’ll be very happy with the results.  I think.  Will have to reassess that one later.  (And, yes, when “all is said & done” I’ll share. :howyoudoin )

Last but not least, I AM HAPPY that The Big Valley is back on TV.  I’m kind of on a western kick right now with The Big Valley & The Magnificent Seven.  It’s so fun to be reminded of why I fell in love with these shows to begin with.

So that about does it for me this week…how about you?

Tell us what great, fantabulous, or just plain decent stuff is making you happy this week! :cheer

Now to announce the winner of Friday’s Free Book Friday giveaway—Ain’t She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips…

:chickendance Kathleen O!!! :chickendance

Congratulations, Kathleen! :patrick3 Please contact me with your mailing information & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Hollie says:

    Congratulations Kathleen O!! :thumbsup

    Heidi..hope the boob job goes well for you….I know that it is a kind of a pain..but in the end…you’ll probably be happy with the results!! :lolol :lolol :lolol

    I am happy this week that we only have 5, count them,5 days of school left!!! :chickendance

    I am happy that my dental appt. for the temp. crown is over and that the permanent one will be ready in 3 weeks!! phew..think I may even survive the whole thing!! :patrick

    I think that that is all of my happy for now!! :patrick3

    Hugs everyone…have a truly great week!!!

    • Heidi says:

      Ha-ha! If I ever really do get my boobs done, you know I’ll post a blog about naming them—Tom & Jerry? Heckle & Jeckle? Chip & Dale? :lolol

      I can’t believe the school year is almost over already. I’m happy for you, but not for me…kids will fall like locusts on the neighborhood & it will mean 3mos straight of noise that is *not* conducive to my writing career. :patrick2

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Thanks for picking my name, but I thought this was open to only US citizens only.. :happysad
    Or did I read it wrong.. So if you need to pick another name, that is fine with me..

    I am happy just to be able to enjoy seeing my name as a winner and doubly enjoy this beautiful long weekend we are having.. Ic can’t remember a nicer Victoria Day Weekend like this in a long, long time…

    I am happy that all the new furniture I ordered looks great. The new sofa looks fantastic in the living room and the new dresser and mirror looks fab in the bedroom. I still have a few more new pieces to get, but have to wait for the next budget…

    Have a wonderful Sunday…

    • Heidi says:

      Well, sheesh…you’re right, I do say U.S. rezies only because out-of-country postage is so high. I wasn’t paying attention, just tossed everybody’s names into the hat.

      You’re sweet to catch my goof, BUT…I still owe you that Mystery Prize from the HappyBookers loop, so just this once we’ll let it slide. Can’t cost that much more to stick a book in the envelope. :patrick

      I even think I have your addy for the HB Mystery Prize (man, I hope so), but if it makes you feel better, you can send it again. :howyoudoin

      • Laura J. says:

        OR….we can just move Kathleen over to the states!!!!! :chickendance

        (It’s kind of like the dark side….you know, cause we have cookies!!!)

      • Kathleen O says:

        I sent it to you through your website email… thanks, that is so nice of you Heidi.. And thanks to all for your kind congrats.

        Laura J congrats to on your new job.. I wish you all the best with it. Nice title..

        I appreciate you wanting to move me over to the dark side, :lolol

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats to Kathleen!
    I am happy that I have been having a wonderful weekend! Definitely looking forward to the long weekend next weekend for Memorial Day! :thumbsup

    • Heidi says:

      Well, this is the first I’ve heard about Memorial Day. Do we celebrate & get a long weekend for this every year? LOL Kidding…just my crazy life that holidays slip under the radar. :Cukoo

    • Kathleen O says:

      Thanks Colleen… :angel

  4. carole says:

    Congrats to Kathleen, its a really good book ot read! I’m grateful for my home daycare back up again, got an infant last month and later Ma29th or June 1 I’;; be getting another one so my prayer is one baby at a time…every day i pray this..my daughter graducates high school on June 1!!! So excited!!! Thats about all…have a nice day!

  5. Laura J. says:

    HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!! Okay-I’ve been waiting for Sunday for like FOREVER!!!! Okay, not really just since Friday cause I’ve been wanting to share my good news but Friday was FBF (Congrats Kathleen!!) and Saturday was Sexy Fail (and boy was it a BIG one! :nowait ) but it’s SUNDAY now so…..

    I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was having a great Friday out on a field trip with B’girl when the call came in. I really didn’t think I got it. I thought the interview went well on Thursday but as the day drug on I got more and more doubtful. But I did so :chickendance :patrick3 :cheer My title is Merchandising Specialist. It’s just part time but exactly what I wanted!! A couple of days out of the house (husband is STILL working from home) and this is going to be a lot more challenging than making Icees.

    Also a big shout out to my B’girl who did 1,011 (not a typo) sit ups and 101 push ups this week. She now has a school record for the sit ups (boys and girls K-12 grade) and is the talk of the school (probably that NO one will ever even try to break that). Yes she is nuts. And after all that–she went and participated in a track meet. :roadrunner

    • Heidi says:

      Awesome, Laura—congrats! :cheer That is definitely a great title…I have in my head that you’re going to be a personal shopper or something. LOL

      And holy cow on B-girl’s athletics. I got close to that number of sit-ups once…I did 1. :patrick

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