Happy Sunday

PhotobucketHappy Sunday!  I hope you’re all having as great a week as I am.  I can’t even say anything exceptionally special happened this week, I’ve just been in a really good mood. :blowkiss

I AM HAPPY this week that my taxes are done-done.  Not just my part, but the CPA’s, too.  I know what the damage is, I know what I have to do, & I can really & truly get them out of the way almost completely.

I AM HAPPY that I’m finally starting to get back to writing on the current Harlequin Desire after the Tax Apocalypse of 2012.  (I don’t know how that stuff manages to throw me so off track, but it really does. :sick )  Love Scene #2 is complete & it’s time to start wrapping things up.  Yay!

I AM HAPPY that, even though it involved crappy taxes, I actually got out of the house a couple times & loaded up on brand new goodies of the OCD variety. :oops

PhotobucketGoody haul #1 — Oodles of my very favorite soda-flavored lip balms.  Okay, so I actually prefer Coke flavors over Pepsi flavors, but I’m pretty much addicted either way.  And what a single person needs with so darn many of them, I’ll never know…& I don’t care, I just love them! :jumping

Goody haul #2 — Bargain bin DVDs.  I try to restrain myself, really I do.  But who can resist favorite movies for only $3, $5, or $8? :Huh   This time around, I found Red Eye (so glad, because the last time it was on TV, I missed it & was bummed for days :angry ), National Treasure, Shooter, & My Bloody Valentine in 3D.  Okay, so I’m a little a-scared of watching My Bloody Valentine 3D.  I’ve seen it several times, but I’m not sure I need to see some of that gore & violence coming straight at me.

Then in a slightly more expensive bin, I also found All About Steve, Hercules (the Disney version), & Season 1 of NYPD Blue.  So happy to have All About Steve—I’ve been jonesing for a copy ever since I saw it the first time.  And even though I hate David Caruso on CSI: Miami, I loved him on NYPD Blue.  I’m kicking myself for not grabbing Season 2, as well, though, because I didn’t realize he’d been in the first few episodes.  Now I’m kind of hoping I can get back to the store soon & grab it before somebody else does. :oops

I’ll be sharing more details about this soon, but as a sneak peek for my Darlings of The Dungeon, I’ll share that I AM HAPPY to have received a really wonderful review for ON THE VERGE OF I DO from RT.  (With thanks to Editor C for sending me a copy ahead of time. :winkwink )

And I AM HAPPY that Kensington has decided to reissue MUST LOVE VAMPIRES in mass market paperback this fall.  No details on that one yet, but I think it might be getting a whole new cover treatment. :kitty   (With thanks to Editor B for that bit of news. :twirl )

Alrighty…I think that’s about all for me!  Good stuff, right?  And just generally being in a good mood helps, too. :winkwink

So how about you?  What great, wonderful, or at least moderately decent stuff has happened in your life this week? Your fellow Darlings of The Dungeon want to know!

Now to announce the winner of our latest Free Book Friday giveaway, King of the Desert, Captive Bride by Jane Porter…

:twirl Rhiannon Rowland!!! :twirl

Congratulations, Rhiannon! :thumbsup Please contact me with your mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    Happy to hear you are through with the Tax Torture.. I just send everything to my accountant and he does the rest. Most people do their own taxes, but we have a bit longer to do ours. Yours have to be in by the 15th of April and we have until the 30th of April.. I think your goverment should give you a little bit more time and then folks would not be in a panic..
    I am happy that I went to the city and back before the storm that really wasn’t happened.. But we did get a heck of a cold snap. It was so cold yesterday, a devil would have froze to death…I might venture outside the door today. Maybe, well yes I will, have to get some goodies into watch the Oscars tonight.
    Spring is not here yet, but it will be a bit warmer this week. And this makes me very happy
    Have a good Sunday

    • Heidi says:

      LOL I don’t think the actual deadline matters…we all hate dealing with taxes so much, if they gave us longer, we’d just *take* longer. :runrun

      We’ve had a cold snap here this week, too—along with snow, sleet/freezing rain, & blustery winds. Today’s actually kind of nice, tho. :twirl

  2. Jen Cryblskey says:

    Lots of glee for you!
    I’m happy that through being myself I made another persons week better. A little extra work for me gave them some rest and quiet.
    My dreamy husband turned 40 this week. He may think that makes him old but he’s still my sexy hero.

    Life is good

    • Heidi says:

      You also saved my butt when the blog wasn’t accepting comments, so tysm for that! I knew something was wrong, just couldn’t put my finger on it. :curses

      And 40 isn’t old…400 is. :moon

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    Happy to hear you’ve had a pleasant week. That’s always a good thing.

    I’ve had a great week.

    I won several giveaways on different blogs and in the mail I received a box with 12 count them 12 free books! I’m a very happy girl. With that I also received 4 other books I won from giveaways, a $15 amazon gc, and a bunch of free samples from P&G Everyday Solutions that they give out like every few months when you sign up with them.

    • Heidi says:

      Wow, nice haul. I’d tell you to send some of those books my way after you read them, but my already teetering piles probably couldn’t take the strain. LOL

  4. Hollie says:

    Happy Sunday!
    I’m grateful today for Sunshine!!! It was so shiny here today that I walked for an hour in the nice weather!!!
    I’m also grateful that I’ve lost 2 pounds since the start of Lent! woot!
    I’m grateful for friends in high places! They know how to get all of the good stuff!! :blowkiss
    and I’m just grateful that my family seems to be in good health right now and are all hanging in there with the stress of everything that’s going on around us!! :thumbsup

  5. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Happy Sun…Umm Monday, technically Tuesday! I just sent you a msg with my mailing addy, thanks for picking me for Free Book Friday! :o)

    I just love when I am feeling happy and have no obvious reason why! But my husband is usually suspicious if I am overly happy! LOL I think he thinks I am going to pull a prank on him or something. *grin*

    @Mary who posted above…Wow, sounds like a seriously good haul. The mailman brought me two signed books today and I was thrilled with both. And I won some BonBon’s on a blog, yum!

    Have a good week everyone~!

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