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Maxine Daylight Savings Time Pictures, Images and PhotosHappy Sunday, everyone!

I hope you remembered to re-set your clocks for Daylight Saving Time. Remember, we’re falling back, which means we actually gain an hour.  (Yeah, I know…do we really?  But let’s just go with it, shall we?)

Since it’s Happy Sunday, that means it’s time to list all the things we’re grateful for this week, & I’d like to say I’m grateful I got to sleep in an extra hour this morning.  But I can’t, because I didn’t.  You see, cats don’t subscribe to the whole “Daylight Saving Time” concept.  Their internal clocks run more on when the sun comes up, when it goes down, & how empty their bellies are.  The good news is, if my alarm ever malfunctioned, they would make sure I was still out of bed on time. :coffee

So what else can we be thankful for?  Well, we missed last week’s Happy Sunday because of Halloween, so I’ll start by saying I’m thankful I had a good time at the NJRW conference…I’m thankful I had a save trip there & back…I’m thankful so many people are loving THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS…I’m thankful my kitties did so well while I was gone…

I’m extremely happy about the lovely 4 1/2 star review INHERITING HIS SECRET CHRISTMAS BABY got from RT BOOKReviews.  I can’t wait for it to come out; I’m already starting to wonder how soon I’ll get my author copies…& then realizing they’ll probably be a while yet. :mad

I am also excited about one other small thing, but I’m not going to mention it yet.  I’ll share that will you a bit later…maybe this week, if I can fit it in with all the other birthday celebrations taking place here in The Dungeon.  (Yes, that’s right…the very young Mistress Heidi’s birthday is swinging around yet again, & we’re going to have a blast ringing it in. :party )

So how about you?  What wonderful things have been happening in your lives this week?


We also have a winner to announce for Free Book Friday’s triple play—autographed copies of The Return by Sharon Sala, Virgin River by Robyn Carr, & CEO’s Expectant Secretary by Leanne Banks.

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Mary K.!!!

Congratulations, Mary! Please contact me with your mailing information, & I’ll get your prizes out to you as soon as I can.

Also, because there was a little glitch in the Contact Form here at HeidiBetts.com, I have not received mailing information from the winners of our last several giveaways.  If your name is on this list, please contact me again & I’ll get those in the mail, too.

10/31 — “Fang-Tastic Vampire Swag Bag” Giveaway — Lori Patterson

10/29 — Free Book Friday (autographed copy of HOTTER THAN HELL) — Throuthehaze (claimed!)

10/22 — Free Book Friday (autographed copy of THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS) — Dee (claimed!)

10/10 — Free Book Friday (Life Lessons Learned While Shopping) — Laura J. (claimed!)

And if anyone farther back than that won something & hasn’t yet received it, do let me know.  I’ve got a checklist, but that doesn’t mean it’s as updated as it should be. :ouch

Also, since the Contact Form is once again working, if I don’t hear from the winner of the “Fang-tastic Vampire Swag Bag” Giveaway by this time next week, I’ll draw another name for that fang-tastic prize, per the contest rules. :dracuulla

Thank you!


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  1. Donna A says:

    I am thankful that the election ads are no longer bombarding me. I too have cats that don’t understand the concept of daylight savings time or weekends for that matter. Have a wonderful day anyway.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, Donna, tell me about it. Those phone calls & ads were driving me batty. I couldn’t wait to vote just so they’d STOP!

      Yep, cats go by GST instead of DST–Growly Stomach Time. :kitty

  2. Throuthehaze says:

    I resent you my info 🙂

  3. Hollie says:

    Yay for Mary K! and for everyone else!! :party
    Im grateful today for the blue sky and sunshine…what a very pretty day…going to buy our new computer today…and take a trip to the college to see our son..who had too much homework to come home this weekend….yeah right..like i realllly believe that one!! Giant eyeroll!!!
    and I’m grateful our girly has a bedroom…cause if she didnt I’d prolly be going to jail by now…..jeesh….12 year old girls sure do lllloove to push those buttons dont they??? :mad
    Happy Sunday to everyone….Enjoy!

    • Heidi says:

      LOL, Hollie. Sounds like you’re busy-busy. But that can be good.

      Good luck ‘puter shopping. Get a good one—even if it’s a little pricey, you get what you pay for…*&* technology changes so fast, you might as well get as many bells & whistles as you can to tide you over till the next big thing. :smash

  4. Dee says:

    I’m grateful the sun is shining and I have such good friends and family. Also, I am ecstatic that my Roma boys won their 3rd straight game [and this one being one of the most important ones to win!]. I’m truly dungeon-type happy as well, because this post game also featured my baby gratuitously shirtless. Although the crazy arm sleeve still skeeves me out a little. I can forgive most things though….

    Also, thank you for picking me as a winner. It made my day.

  5. Jessica Lemmon says:

    CONGRATS to the winner! Of course, I wouldn’t mind a redraw for the Vamp Swag Bag. I did sign up. :Bigthumbs

    My happy Sunday – whew, where to start? I chucked the old manuscript I’d been working on for 4+ months temporarily and got to work on a NaNoWriMo script starting November 1. I’m not really understanding the club thing, more like I used NaNo as an excuse to get some words down.

    And boy have I. Day 7 and I’m clocking in at 27,230 with over 20 pages of notes and plot ideas. I’m thrilled to say that Mistress Heidi, YOU have played a part in this as well. I often feel inspired by my fave authors so you and Sarah Mayberry are on rotation.

    What I learned from rereading Blame it on the Blackout and When the Lights Go Down is to tell the part of the story that interests me most. My new motto: “If it ain’t fun, don’t write it” has served me well.

    Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

    Jess 🙂

    • Heidi says:

      Very cool, Jess. Didn’t know I was promoting a motto with those two stories, but whatever works! LOL

      And you’re putting me to shame on the NaNo thing. Like you, I’m not joining a group or team or signing up, but I am trying my own version. See last week’s “ITryWriMo” post…& if you wanna join in w/ your own progress meter in the sidebar, lmk! :socool (But try not to make me look *too* bad, okay? This is still my blog, dang it! :devil )

      • Jessica Lemmon says:

        Cool, will check it out! And I will certainly try not to insult my illustrious host :angel … but in your defense YOU DO have me lapped, what when it comes to pubbed books on the shelves and all. :brava

  6. Laura J says:

    Happy Sunday night!

    I’ve been out with the hubby and then brought him home so I could do some shopping in peace! Got new dishes, well half of them anyway. We will have to order the others, but can’t wait to get them and my kitchen painted!

    Also in in just a few short weeks I get to read the final installment in the Desire series about the Jarrod family. Heidi have you heard anything about this series? :happyjoy

  7. Mary K says:

    Cool! Thanks so much. I’m sending you my info right now 🙂


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