Happy Sunday


And of course the winner of this week’s Free Book Friday giveaway—the Scottish Brides anthology…

:dancingbat   Hollie!!! :dancingbat

Congratulations, Hollie! :drinkonme   Please contact me with your full name & mailing information, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can!


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  1. Laura J. says:

    A win for her B’day!!!!! Woohoo Hollie!!!!

    Doing a lot of remembering today and even thinking about what’s to come.

    Remembering that I was feeding B’girl while watching the news. She was only 6 days old. My oldest was at school and I was trying to figure out if I should find a way to get him home (I couldn’t drive yet). After a while, we turned on Nickelodeon and/or the Disney Channel to watch with my middle son. I just couldn’t watch it.

    My oldest will be joining the Air National Guard next week. He was going to be swearing in today, but a slight delay has put it off a week. I’m so proud of him for wanting to serve, but as a mom I’m still a wee bit nervous too.

    • Heidi says:

      Boy, that had to be scary, Laura…having a newborn & not knowing what the heck was going on or what the future would bring. But look how everything turned out! :fangsmiley

      So proud of your son for joining the Air National Guard! It’s men/women like him who make this country so great! (Take that, you stupid terrorists!) :aces

    • Leatrice says:

      I can’t hear anthynig over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    Congrats to the winner..

    I think everyone is remembering today, but we dont’ need all this media attetnion to remember. And being told we must remember. No one can forget this day.

    But I am remember all those who lot their lives and gave their lives to keep us all free from terror and war…
    I am remember all of those who’s father, husband, mother, wife, daughter, son, cousin, grandchild and friend who did not return home this day..
    God Bless Them..

    • Heidi says:

      I’m avoiding all the media coverage & specials, too. It’s just too painful. I think we absolutely need to remember…but then again, who could forget?!…but wish they’d focus more on the rebuilding & monuments instead of showing original news feeds.

      I also wonder how the folks who lost loved ones or were there that day feel about the coverage. Because for me, I would not want a rehash of the worst day of my life. It’s hard enough just knowing what day/anniversary it is, never mind seeing reminders everywhere you turn.

  3. Hollie says:

    Thank You!!! Woohooo!!
    and Yes…thanks LJ..I turn 48 today!! 40 freakin’ 8!!! Didnt think I’d live this long…but Im glad that I did (wild child..thats me)

    I remember 10 years ago today too….My dh took the day off of work and was taking my son to school for me…and I was waiting on my mom to come over so I could fix her hair!
    Still a horrifying event. Those Terrorists can bend us…but they cant Break us!!

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