Happy Sunday, my Darlings! How are things going for you this week?

Awesome, right?  Let’s go with awesome.  And we want to hear all about it!

As for Yours Truly, this week I AM HAPPY that my foot is feeling better.  Not 100% limp-free, but much better than before. As painful as it was, the shot seems to be working! ?

I AM HAPPY, too, that Mr. Heating & Plumbing thinks he found a set of really great radiators for the basement.  The only heat down there is a coal furnace, which I have no interest in dealing with. ? But in order to truly set up an office & work down there year-round, I need some kind of heat.  Mr. H&P said radiators would be the best bet for heating such a large space, as well as holding heat better & longer.  (Wouldn’t you know we had radiators in the old house, but didn’t truly appreciate them; ever since moving into the new house, I’ve wondered if I could pull them out of the old house & bring them here. LOL).  So Mr. H&P has been keeping an eye out for used radiators we could buy, which he’d then clean up, test, & install. And he thinks he found them!  He’s working on them now, so fingers crossed they turn out to be as great as we hope. ?

Last week I mentioned a bunch of the movies I’ve been recording & watching, but I AM HAPPY that I’ve also been catching up on some TV.  I finally finished watching the first season of Taboo. (Oh, Tom Hardy, you’re so good when you’re bad. ?).

I’ve been catching up on American Housewife (love it!), Supernatural, The Walking Dead, & watching Taken (which is decent, if not wonderful) & Superior Donuts (which is very funny). The best of all, though, was Trial & Error.  Did you watch?  It’s hysterical, & I only hope it gets a second (+ third, fourth, & fifth) season! ❤️

So how about you?  What’s lifted your spirits this week?  Made you happy, kept you positive, reminded you to count your blessings? ? Whatever it is, we want to hear!