Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday once again, my Darlings!  How are you this week? Wonderful, I hope, with lots of great stuff to share! :bunnybounce:

This week is sort of heavy on the TV/movie stuff for me…

I AM HAPPY that I’ve been getting on the Torture Cycle more often & was able to watch both 3 Days to Kill & Pixels.  I enjoyed both, but in very different ways, of course. :bunnyyum:

I’ve got a lot of To-Be-Watched movies on the DVR to choose from next, too—Snitch, The Wolverine, Inside Out, Strange Magic, Ant-Man, A Thousand Words…  Any recommendations on which I should lean toward more than the others? :ducks:

I AM HAPPY that I finally got Almost Human on DVD.  I just loved that show & am still annoyed that it was cancelled after only one season. :dizzyegg: And I’ve been wanting it on DVD ever since it was released, but just never found it at a decent price or got around to it.  Then El Rey Channel started playing it—as well as Constantine & Airwolf, have you noticed—in repeats & it got me all hooked on the show again. :giraffe:  Yes, I can see them there, if I want, but since they’re on at 6am these days, it’s not exactly convenient.  And I always feel better knowing I have a show that I love on DVD…just in case. :chocoyum:

I AM HAPPY, too, that I recently discovered another favorite is finally available on DVD:  The Sentinel.  Season 1 was released a while back, but now the entire series is available, which I wasn’t sure would ever happen.  I still need this one, so it’s only on my Wish List, but I’m watching…& waiting… :cuffs:

Most importantly, though, I AM HAPPY—really, really happy & grateful! :bunnyhop: —that after having a rough time of it on Monday & Tuesday, my sweet elder kitty Nicholas seems to have bounced back from whatever had him “under the weather” :rain: & is back to walking around on his own, acting much more normally. That’s really the biggest blessing of the week, as far as I’m concerned :happyeaster:

So how about you?  What’s been going on with you that you’d consider a blessing or something to be grateful for this week?  We want to hear about it so we can be happy with you! :bouquet:


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  1. Leeannlovingthebooks says:

    I am happy that I got to finally see Jurassic World..after all cousin Chris Pratt is a hottie..lol.
    I am happy that the hubby and I had a great date yesterday..Menards then out to lunch.
    I am happy that my parents are feeling better, after nadty sinus infections.
    I am happy it rained instead of snowing today.
    Finally, I am happy everyone I love is doing great.
    Have a great week Heidi and anyone else reading this.

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I am happy because I shared this day with friends. We went to a casino had a lovely lunch and then played a few slot machines. One of us, not me, came home a BIG winner. But I made a little money myself so it made the days all that much sweeter. :bunnyhop:

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