Let’s kick things off by announcing the winner of a signed copy of Aftershock from Jill Sorenson’s visit last week!


Debra G.!!!

Congratulations, Debra! :potofgold:

Please contact me with your full name & mailing address, & I’ll forward the information to Jill so she can get your book to you!


So Happy Sunday, everyone! Did you enjoy your Valentine’s weekend when we took a break from the usual to celebrate the year’s most romantic holiday? And did you run out the very next day to stock up on half-price candy?

I’d love to hear about it, as well as whatever else is going on with you right now that you’re happy about &/or thankful for. It’s all about gratitude & spreading positive vibes! :kisses:

As for moi, I AM HAPPY about one giant thing this week: that I finally know what’s going on with my knee. The orthopedic specialist was fabulous, & after some x-rays & an exam, he told me I’ve got something called Chondromalacia Patella or Patellofemoral Syndrome. It’s a GENETIC CONDITION, not something caused by injury or my weight. *happy dance*  Of course, every extra pound can exacerbate any health/joint problems, as we all know, but even the doctor’s thin-as-a-rail 19-year-old daughter has this, & we both get to thank our parents for their weak-kneed genes. :dancin:

Basically, my knee caps are moving around in there when they should be staying perfectly aligned within the track provided between my thigh & shin bones. I’ve got it in both legs, but the right one (which has been giving me so much trouble recently) is worse than the left. (See the pic? Instead of being in the normal position, my right knee cap is all the way over where the farthest black dotted line is, & the left one is more where the inside black dotted line is.)

I’m nowhere near needing surgery, or even cortisone or “faux cartilage” (I don’t know what they’re actually called) injections. I do need some Physical Therapy, though, to get the muscles straightened out & the knee cap working properly again. The doctor assured me I won’t have to live in “Physical Therapy Land”—I’ll go regularly for a month & we’ll see how much progress I’ve made. Hopefully I’ll also learn some exercises I can do at home with both legs to improve the condition & hold off future problems. After a month of PT, if all is going well, he’ll see be again, but likely release me from his care; if things aren’t going as well as we hope…well, we’ll take the next step, but it’s probably just going to mean an MRI, more PT, & maybe a temporary brace.

But I am so glad to finally know what’s truly going on & that it’s not an injury, not degenerative, not related to age or weight, & not something related to missing cartilage or bones grinding together, etc.

And that makes me plenty happy enough this week, so now it’s your turn… :ohwayoh:

Take a minute to share any good news from your week, or simply a couple of things you’re happy about or grateful for… :cuckoo: