Happy Sunday

Sunday already?  How did that happen?

Well, I hope it means you’ve got lots to be grateful for & are ready to share with your fellow Darlings here in The Dungeon! :good:

As for myself, this week I AM HAPPY that I got a bit more unpacking done & a few more handfuls of stuff put away. I’m especially enjoying the shelves in what I call the “furnace room.” I’m keeping cereals, cat food, canned goods, & beauty items like soaps, etc. down there…& it looks like a really  photo lfacf3445-m19o_zpsppmgmnio.jpgwell-organized grocery store.  I even have a box nearby so that whenever I need something, I can “go shopping.” 

I AM HAPPY, too, that I got a TV set up in the basement at what I hope is the right height for getting back on the Torture Cycle. Yeah, I’ve been more than a little lazy about that through this whole moving thing, & then with the trouble I’ve been having with my knee. But since (I AM HAPPY!) my knee is starting to feel better & the chiropractor says there’s no actual damage in there, & no cartilage missing as he first suspected, I think I can get back exercising slowly & for short periods of time until I once again work myself up to a good hour. Fingers crossed I actually manage that soon. 

And finally, I AM HAPPY that I snapped a picture of this winter’s very first snowfall outside the New House. So pretty!

 photo 1stsnow_Nov2015_zpslqx88rd5.jpg

I hope we get some wildlife out there.  We have seen a squirrel or two, a few birds (though not nearly as many as expected, even after we put seed blocks out! ), & some deer, but not nearly close enough or long enough for my tastes. :elfwink:

How about you?  What’s going on this week that’s making you happy or grateful or that you’d like to report?  We definitely want to hear all the good stuff! :dingaling:

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