Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  Have you had a good week, my Darlings?  Do you have some good stuff to share with us today that conveys your happiness & gratitude? Don’t be shy—we want to hear so we can be happy with you! :offtoschool:

This week, I AM HAPPY that I finally got around to opening the new vacuum I bought for the new house. Now, I’m not much of a cleaning lady, & because one of The Kittehs is petrified of vacuums, I definitely haven’t been much of a vacuumer in the past.  But the new house has carpeting—lots of carpeting—& the great carpet guys who came in originally to clean things up recommended that I vacuum on a regular basis.  le sigh. So I thought I’d give that a try with a vacuum cleaner that’s actually made for sucking crud off of carpeting. :zombiehand:  (FYI, I got a bagless one with a HEPA filter, because A.) the HEPA filter is supposed to be a real plus in “removing allergens” & B.) the most annoying thing about vacuuming is finding the right bags—am I right? :greeneyedmonster:  So I decided to skip that part altogether.)

Well…this is probably the first, last, & only time I’ll ever say this, but I unboxed the new vacuum, put it together, gave it a spin (wanted to do it at least once before The Kittehs move in, just in case), & it was actually really FUN! :burningwitch:  Maybe it was simply the novelty of a new toy, but it was zippy, easy to use, & really fun to watch the dirt collect inside the collection cup.  It also wasn’t nearly as difficult & didn’t take nearly as long as I expected to vacuum the entire upstairs. :squirrel2:

I AM HAPPY, too, that Mr. Handyman spent a day helping around the new house.  He put the bed frames together & got the mattresses put on, so the bedrooms are much more set up now than they were before.  (No more crashing on the sofa or sleeping on a mattress on the floor. :halloweenbatman: )  He hooked up my under-the-counter water filtration system, which I absolutely love & insisted get moved to the new house.  And the biggest, most important thing:  he built, from scratch, five inserts for the basement windows that are regular screen on the outside & rabbit wire on the inside—with a nice, strong wooden frame all around.  This is for The Kittehs; he did the same thing a while back at the old house, but a new house means all new windows with all new dimensions. :skeletondance:

I’m rabid about keeping The Kittehs safely inside, while still giving them access to fresh air & as much as the outdoors as possible—from a distance, of course. :blackcat:  So these special-made screens are absolutely fabulous & a real life-saver.  (Literally & figuratively.)  And Mr. Handyman is so good at building them…without judging me for my peculiar requests. :bloodyeye:

And finally, I will say that I AM HAPPY to have the riding lawnmower at the new house.  Y’all know how little I care about yard work or how tall the grass gets, but since the lawn there hasn’t been mowed since long before we bought the place, it was nice to take a stab at it & get a bit of it mowed down.  There’s still a lot to do, but since there are several much more important things to deal with at the moment, I’ll deal with it in stages. :windy:

So how about you?  This moving business may be monopolizing my life these days, but what exciting or simply gratitude-worthy stuff is going on with you?  Let us know so we can celebrate with you! :jumping:


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  1. flchen1 says:

    So glad you’re getting well settled in, Heidi! How exciting 🙂 I’m thankful for the mostly healthy, mostly happy gang at home, and hooray, it’s FALL! :squirrel2:

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