Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you’re having a great week…are you ready to share the great stuff with us? :wave:

This week, I AM HAPPY that it’s cooled down a bit.  Last week was so hot, I thought I was going to melt into the ground.  I do not care for the extreme heat & ungodly humidity, thank you very much. :baseball:  But then we got a little rain & the temperature started to drop, & I’d say it’s even downright chilly.  No happy-medium, I guess, but I’ll still take it. :cheer:

I AM HAPPY that the cleaning/packing/moving is still coming along.  Should I be done by now?  Sure!  But since I’m not, at least I can say I’m continuing to make progress.  This past week, I actually managed to empty the entire “gun closet,” which I’d been dreading & didn’t think would ever get done.  Once I got started, though, it moved right along & was so amazing to see that room completely empty. :sunflower:

Of course, the other thing I AM HAPPY about is that—with a bit of help :bashful: —we got the entire attic emptied out, too.  And where did that stuff go?  Into the empty bedrooms & gun closet!  Sigh. :windy:  The clean, empty house feeling didn’t last long, but I know it will happen again.  I just need to haul all this new stuff down & get it moved. :juggle:

And finally, I AM HAPPY that a friend of MMD‘s volunteered her husband & her son-in-law, as well as her husband’s truck & trailer to help move the Big Stuff whenever we’re ready to go.  How fabulous is that?  I think we’re close, too, & I just can’t wait! :sunflower:

So how about you, My Darlings?  What delightful stuff has you feeling all happy & grateful this week?  Take a minute to type it up & share with the rest of the class. :jumping:


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  1. Brooke C says:

    Sounds like you’re really moving along with all that packing! Packing takes forever, so it’s great that you’re getting some of those tricky places cleared out :cheer:

    As for me, I’m happy that it’s my birthday!! :cheer: :fairy: I love birthdays! I’m also happy that I got to spend time with friends and family this week and I’m going to celebrate with some more friends next week. :dancin:

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    I really hate moving but it sounds like you are really getting it done. I’m sure that you’ll feel better once everything is moved over to the new place.

    This week I am happy that my 2.5 year old rat is feeling better after having an upper respiratory infection. I wasn’t sure he was gonna make it but he’s doing so much better after being on medication for a week.

    I am also happy that my hubby Ken got through his back surgery and it seems to have helped the pain with the two compression fractures he had in two of his vertebra.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m so glad your baby’s feeling better, too. :cheer: So scary to know they’re sick & worry about whether they’re getting better. And upper respiratory stuff can be so dangerous.

      Wow, it’s been busy at your place. So glad your hubby’s surgery went well & *he’s* feeling better, too. That’s quite an operation, & I can’t imagine it’s easy to recover from, but I hope it was 100% successful & helps him feel himself again for a long, long time! :dancin:

  3. Elizabeth Andrews says:

    I am absolutely thrilled it’s cooled down. Also, very happy I got so much work done on my WIP today and yesterday–I thought we had longer till Mercury goes retrograde, but I was wrong! If I can get finished before Thursday, I will be even happier.

    • Heidi says:

      Glad you had a good writing day. Mine has been s-l-o-w because of all this packing & moving stuff. So looking forward to being moved in & settled so I can breathe again & get back to it. :windy:

      Ugh, not another Mercury in Retrograde. Those are never fun. :baseball:

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