Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Can you believe it’s July already?  And that July is almost half over? img34

So how was your July 4th holiday?  All good & safe, I hope.  

And what else are you happy about this week?  Are ready to share all the good stuff you’re feeling thankful for? img19

I AM HAPPY for my Independence, of course, & my freedom, & that I live in the United State of America.  That’s a biggie that I try to remember every day, not just on the official Independence Day.

And I AM HAPPY that I’ve finally begun watching Season 10 of Supernatural.  My boys—oh, how I’ve missed them. img23  (Even though I intentionally saved up the entire season rather than watching week by week.)  I’m only a handful of episodes in, but so far, so good. img40

***SPOILER***:  I was a little disappointed Deanmon didn’t last longer; I was sort of hoping for more bad boy Dean, maybe lasting through the entire season.  And yet it’s good to have him back.  I’m also guessing the Mark of Cain won’t allow him to be too good for too long. img24

One of my favorite episodes this season (so far) is “Fan Fiction.”  I’d always secretly hoped they might come up with some way to have a musical episode, & both the humor & Sam’s & Dean’s reactions in this one are classic!  I think it’s going to be one of my uber-favorite episodes, right up there with “The Real Ghostbusters.” img27

Finally, I AM HAPPY that a couple of chiropractic appointments over the past few weeks have got me moving a lot more easily.  I did something to my neck one day…  Just tipped my head back to rinse my hair in the shower &…crick!  snap! img11 …my head refused to turn right after that without a lot of ow-ow-ow.  But the chiropractor & a lot of ice packs got it loosened up again, so it’s moving much better now. img18

How about you?  What are you woot-wooting about this week?

We’d love to hear any good news you’ve got to share, or just what you’re grateful for at the moment. img22


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  1. Minna says:

    What July? This seems more like September. The entire summer has been img31 img35 img34 .

    What I’ve been woot-wooting this week? I’ve been getting rid of some stuff, like clothes I don’t wear. Next week I’ll take some books to the second-hand bookstore. Now if I could only find someone else in this town who loves to read romance books in English or Swedish. img37 I have a ton of them and the second-hand bookstore won’t take those (I’ve replaced my favourites by ebooks. So many books, so little space). Oh, and I’ve started postcrossing again. I like getting mail -other than bills, anyway.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m with you on the giant question mark about this summer. img31 Around here, it’s either sweltering with humidity or pouring down rain. What’s the deal? (And is it wrong that I prefer the rain to the humidity? That stuff just kills me. img14 )

      Good for you, clearing out a bit. I really need to do that. And in the book department… img10 I can barely stand to part with them. But I’ve definitely gotta weed a little bit.


      • Minna says:

        You can always see if it’s possible to replace favourites with e-books. img37 That’s what I do at least with text-only books. Comics, cooking, knitting and other handicraft books with a lot of pictures on them on other hand are a different matter entirely. Reading those on e-reader or computer screen would be a pain.

  2. Donna A says:

    Happy Sunday. I’ve been kicking back with some fun reading and enjoying the sun. The kitties are behaving (okay they aren’t but thats what they do) and life is good.

    • Heidi says:

      Now *that* sounds like a great way to spend the summer. img15

      And around here, even if The Kittehs are misbehaving, as long as they’re healthy, I consider life good. img40

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    I was really hoping that Deanmon would have lasted a bit longer too. Right now I am happy that my arm is a little better, I am able to type with both hands, I can raise my arm up half way and I stopped taking the pain pills. And even though I went through 4 days of hell going through withdrawals getting off the pain meds, I’m glad I don’t need them anymore.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m watching “The Hunger Games” ep now & I sort of like this not-evil-but-still-bad Dean dealing with the Mark of Cain. img24

      So glad your arm is feeling better, but yuck on dealing with the pain pills. I’ve never had to deal with the withdrawal thing with pain meds, but I’ve gone the other way & had them make me sick just from taking the recommended dose. Ugh, awful. img10 I hope you’re past the worst of it now & are fully on the mend! img18

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