Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, all!  What are you up to this week?

I’ve been up to the usual—working, cat wrangling, suffering these fakakta sinuses with a lot of mumbling & grumbling.  (No suffering in silence for me, thank you very much. :smiley8 )

So this week, I AM HAPPY with my new bedspread.  I’m not sure I needed a new bedspread (although the one I’d been using did have a tear in it & was losing some stuffing :smiley21 ), but I sort of stumbled across it, & it was so pretty, I couldn’t resist.

The Kittehs seem to like it, too, though it’s slicker than the old one, so that took some getting used to.  And of course it only took them an hour or two to snag it for the first time. :smiley29

Although I’m very unhappy that Miss Bella’s UTI is back :smiley31 , I AM HAPPY that I had a bottle of (unmixed) Clavamox on hand this time.  Rather than rushing her to the veterinarian or calling & having to run over for medicine, I was able to simply start medicating her.  And lest you think I’m taking doing a bit too much self-diagnosis, so to speak, I did actually call the doctor’s office & run everything past them to be sure it was okay.  But this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to kitty-cat urinary infections, so I was pretty sure I was right on target. :smiley22

And finally, I AM HAPPY that my RITA books finally arrived.  We always get a notice that they’re being packed & will be shipped, so from that moment on I’m like a dog at the window, eagerly waiting for the UPS man to pull into the drive. :smiley5  And it always takes longer than I’d like or am expecting.  But they’re finally here, so I can finally start reading.  (I can’t share titles or authors, of course, but I hope they’re good ones!) :smiley19

So how about you?  What kind of week are you having, & what happy news, gratitude, or good vibes would you like to share with your fellow Darlings of The Dungeon? :smiley13


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    It’s been a busy week. I was at my cousins for a few days. I went to see her daughter’s last dance exam at school. She graduates High School in June and she is such a natural dancer. It is always a joy to watch her dance. :smiley30 Then my cousin and I went to the movies one night. We saw The Wedding Ringer. It was hilarious… :smiley29. And we have decided that we are going to see Josh Turner next month.. We both like him and he is appearing at a Casino just north of her.. So it will be a good night.
    I bought myself a tablet yesterday with a Gift Card I received for Christmas. So all and all it was a good week.. :smiley5 I am going to finish reading my book and I am listening to Keith Urban. It’s a happy day..

    Enjoy the coming week!!

    • Heidi says:

      Wow, you’ve been a busy little beaver, Kathleen! Way to go. Sounds like you had a great week & are looking forward to even more. Yippee! :smiley28

  2. Catherine E. says:

    This week was a great week. I got my hair cut and colored, got my car stuff transferred to the state I now live in, met up with an old mentor, and lastly, got a new job. So many good things this week.

    Things are going to be busy for awhile, but I’m excited and ready.

    Hope the next week brings fun and adventures.

  3. Mary Kirkland says:

    I’ve had a really good week. I taught our puppy how to sit, he doesn’t ‘stay’ yet but he will sit on command. He is also now potty trained. He whines and looks at the leash when he wants to go outside which seems to be every hour..lol


    My grandson is turning 2 years old next Saturday! I can hardly believe it. But I ordered and received all of his birthday presents in the mail and even got them all wrapped.

    I’m also happy to report that I did not catch the stomach flu that was going around my apartment complex. Seems like everyone around here got it including the manager and her kids, the maintenance man, hubby, and my daughter and her family. I think even more people got it but I don’t know them. But I’m feeling fine thank goodness.


    • Heidi says:

      Aww, how sweet. He probably just wants to make you happy, he’s just never been taught quite how. :smiley34

      And happy b’day to the little one. So fun at that age! :smiley2

      Amen on not getting sick! :smiley10 It’s not easy to avoid the germs & carriers sometimes. That’s one of the reasons I hate going out in the winter…somebody’s always sniffling or coughing, & TOUCHING everything. Gack! :smiley8

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