happy Sunday

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
~Henri Matisse

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend & are looking forward to your upcoming day off in honor of President’s Day.

So what are we happy & grateful for this week?

I had a small sad:  My favorite greeter at Wal-Mart passed away last week.  He was such a nice guy—I always looked for him when I was there, & loved to stop & chat with him because he was so sweet & funny.  You will be missed, Bob! :blinkie

On the up side, I got a sneak peek at the artwork for my June Harlequin Desire, HER LITTLE SECRET, HIS HIDDEN HEIR.  It’s so cute!  The baby is absolutely adorable.  Seriously, wait until you see him—you’ll want to pluck him right off the cover & take him home with you!  The billionaire, however, looks a bit young for a Desire hero.  Okay, a lot young.  Along the lines of “this is the kid I hire to mow my lawn” or “he belongs on a Lifetime movie:  Too Young to Be a Dad,” so Harlequin has generously offered to see if they can work some magic to make him look a little older.  Fingers crossed!  As my editor said, “Let’s hope they can make him age gracefully,” otherwise I’ll totally take the sixteen-year-old billionaire.  Totally! :thumbsup

PhotobucketAlso on the up side, I finished plotting my book for the “Dynasties:  The Kincaids” continuity series for Harlequin Desire.  Yippy-skippy, am I going to have fun with this one! :eeee

Then I started my outline/synopsis for my “Dynasties:  The Kincaids” book.  Took me a couple days, & the beginning was a tad slow, but then it took off & now I am DONE!  Rough draft only, it definitely still needs work.  A few plot points I forgot to insert (oops!) & some polishing.  But the bulk of the outline is finished & I just need to spruce it up a bit before I think I’ll be able to send it on to Editor C.  Woot! :party

And that’s about it for me this week.  How about the rest of you?


Now to announce the winners of this week’s giveaways…

First up, our Valentine’s “Man + Candy = Man Candy” winner:

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:congrats Alex D.!!! :congrats

Congratulations, Alex!  Please contact me with your full name & mailing address, & I’ll get your Valentine’s goodies out to you as soon as I can.

Next, the winner of our latest Free Book Friday offering:

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:congrats   Jayna!!! :congrats

Congratulations, Jayna!  Please contact me with your full name & mailing address, & I’ll get your book out to you as soon as I can.


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  1. mary k says:

    Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun and are quite busy.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    My week is being spent getting my daughter over the BF that just broke up with her and getting her moved back in at home with us. I remember how that feels. no fun at all.

  2. Alex D says:

    WOOT!!!! :blowkiss

    May everyone have an awesome and relaxed weekend!!! Heidi, I emailed you my information!!! woot woot!!

  3. Judy Flohr says:

    Congrats to the winners.

    Doing my sunday errands, Laundry and the grocery store.

  4. Heidi says:

    Hey, now! This wasn’t supposed to be To Do List Sunday. LOL Just because I’m happy to be getting work done doesn’t mean the rest of you have to be. :beerlaugh You can post what you’re HAPPY & GRATEFUL for, too, you know. :biggestgrin

    Unless you’re happy to be running errands & comforting a heartbroken daughter, of course. :tpspspspt

  5. Laura J. says:

    I’M HOME!!!! In my own house for more than 5 minutes!!!! To quote Heidi….yippee skippy!!!!!! Work at 7:45 AM (yes that says AM) today until 1:15 then came home to get ready for job number #2 (fun job) then grocery and now HOME!!!! (yesterday was a long one too!)

    Congratulations to the winners!!! :brava

    Hey Heidi….anyway they can make your alpha hunk-a-doodle look like Henry Caville? hmmmm….please….pretty please with sugar on top?!?! (I would suggest Bradley, but you know how I like to keep him to myself). Great job on getting so much accomplished!! I’m suffering from a lack of Heidi books to read.

  6. Hollie says:

    Im grateful for more Heidi books!! so keep at it girl!! :dancing
    Im grateful the my son has turned 20 this past friday! Even though I cant be 30!
    Im also grateful that tomorrow is Presidents Day! a Paid holiday for me!! woot woot!! :dancing

    Happy Week everybody…and Congrats to the winners!!! :brava

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