Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  The very first Sunday of 2015—can you believe it?! :smiley71

I hope you’re having a wonderful New Year so far, as well as a wonderful holiday season in general!  What are you grateful for &/or happy about this week that you’d like to share with us?

This week, I AM HAPPY that I had a very nice holiday! :smiley44  My birthday & Thanksgiving were a bit rough (losing Miss Precious & such), but Christmas was lovely, & so was New Year’s.  And that in itself is a blessing. :smiley14

I AM HAPPY that I found the stone from my ring that I lost on Christmas Eve. :smiley88  One minute it was there, the next it wasn’t.  And, boy, did I clean looking for it.  I thought it had fallen out in the kitchen, so I was on my hands & knees in there—searching, sweeping under appliances, & even skulking around in the dark with a flashlight, hoping it would glitter if I ran across it.  But, no.  I actually found it in my bedroom, just as I was getting ready for bed.  I looked down, & there it was on a pile of clean clothes I hadn’t put away yet.  Ha!  It’s not chipped or anything, either, so I think the prongs of the ring just came loose & let it fall out; it was pretty easy to repair.

I AM HAPPY that I discovered “The Holly & the Ivy” by Peter Noone.  What a beautiful song!  How have I never heard it before now?  (Or if I have, I sure don’t remember it.)  I only stumbled across it as I was searching for another song, too, but now it’s one of my favorites! :smiley61

Lastly, I AM HAPPY to be catching up on a few TV shows & DVRed movies on the Torture Cycle, too.  Some have only been so-so—Monsters University & the current season of Once Upon a Time, for instance—but the ones I really liked were Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit & Whiteout.

I didn’t know what either was about, & was barely interested in seeing them, but they turned out to be really good!  Both edgy & intense.  For one thing, I would never kick Chris Pine out of bed for secretly being in the CIA.  For another, it was a lovely surprise to discover that Alex O’Loughlin & Gabriel Macht both star in Whiteout.  Basically, the movie should be called Kate Who? :smiley78

So how about you?  What are you feeling happy about, thankful for, etc. this week?  I hope there’s lots, & I hope you’re willing to share! :smiley33


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  1. Kathleen O says:

    I, like you had a wonderful Christmas. I spend it with my cousin and her family. We have always been more like sisters. Me being the older. I never married or could have kids, and her three daughters are like my own. I love and adore them. Her husband is one of my younger brother’s best friends and Steve has always been like a another brother to me. So it was a family affair. New Years was quiet. I read and watched some of the New Years shows on TV.. I actually saw Midnight this year. Usually I am in bed. But my landlords are looking after their daughters dog and when they go out, he cries something awful. So sleep was not an option until they came home. But that’s what life is all about..
    Have a wonderful year… I appreciate your blog and look forward to another good year of fun and frolic from Mistress Heidi.. :smiley71

    • Heidi says:

      That’s wonderful, Kathleen—I’m so happy you had such a nice holiday! Family & friends are what make them special! :smiley61

      Thank you for the kind words about The Dungeon, too! Mistress Heidi & I will do our best to keep things interesting around here for another year at least. :smiley69

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you found the missing stone! I had a tiny gold earring fall in the bathroom when I was 12 and I never found it. I have no idea where it went but it was never seen from again…

    Trolls maybe?


    I am happy that I’ve won 7 books in the past month and have just been asked to write reviews for 5 others. I’ve going to be knee deep in books. woohoo!

    I am happy that I found a doctor that will come out to my apartment! House call doctors! Can you believe it? They even send the lab to get your blood right to your house. This is huge for someone who has Agoraphobia and hasn’t been out of her house in 4 years. I had all but given up on seeing the doctor again.


    I am happy that my new puppy seems to be doing much better now that he is with us. The poor thing was abused by his previous owner and was so scared of us and now doesn’t cower as much when he’s around us.

    • Heidi says:

      I’ve lost so many earrings or earring backs down the drain, it isn’t funny! :smiley63

      Congrats on finding a dr. who makes house calls. That really is something…something I thought had disappeared in the 50s or 60s. Sure would be convenient, tho. I’ve often wished for a vet who makes house calls; it would be so much easier & less stressful for pets not to have to be dragged out of the house! :smiley75

      And I’m happy that the new pup is settling in with you. It’s so awful the way some pets are (mis)treated. Thank goodness you opened your hearts to him & gave him a second chance at a much better life! (The previous owner should be banned from ever having another pet, tho! :smiley52 )

  3. cinnamon chaisson says:

    i’m sorry, i really don’t have anything to be grateful for at the moment. my car has packed it in, and because i have mobility issues (meaning i cannot walk very far, or stand up for more than 10 minutes), it has been a challenge. it has been a terrible week for weather, we had an ice storm, now it has been snowing for the last 2 days and it is COLD!!! trying to be happy that i have a roof over my head and food in my fridge, which some people are not so lucky to have. we do have a vet here who makes housecalls, i have her number on the fridge but haven’t had to make use of her as yet. i think this is a wonderful service, two of my cats have been on car trips with me, one loves it, the other hides under the seat the whole time and the third one was only ever in the car when i brought her home. it has been years since any of them have been outside the apartment, so if the need arises i know that there is help to be had. i would love to find a Doctor who makes housecalls, Mary. here, people are lucky if they can find a Doctor, period. want to wish everyone a good year, and for those who are dealing with this ‘lovely’ cold snap, stay warm. hugs and purrs… :smiley2

  4. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I am thankful my Dad is doing so well after falling and breaking his hip, then surgery. He is now at home with my step mom and all is now right again in their world 🙂
    Well as I look at the side bar I see that poor, really not all that attractive cowboy won Hunk of the Month. Well we all try to make those less fortunate feel better don’t we? I am sure that is why we all voted for him 😉
    My birthday is next week so we shall see how being 49 affects me…lol
    have a great week Heidi. :smiley67

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