Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week…what great stuff do you have to share with us today? :smile47

I AM HAPPY for wonderful people out there in the world, who—even though they work with the public & see a lot of faces pass by—still go out of their way to do nice things for total strangers. :smile30

Case in point:  Two weeks ago, I did a lot of running around; I mean, every day I had at least one place to be, sometimes more.  And of course, as long as I was out & about, I did a wee bit of shopping. :smile28   Well, just last week, I returned to one of those stores, & as soon as I approached the counter, the clerk reached down & pulled up a bag of items marked “SOLD—Customer Left Behind by Accident.”  Holy cow!  That was me; I was the Customer & those were my things I’d left behind by accident. :smile54   I had no idea I’d walked away without my purchases, although I admit that when I got home & didn’t unpack them, I did half-heartedly wonder where they were.  But I just thought I’d left them in the car or something!

But this lady was so nice to rescue & hang on to them for me, even though she could have simply put everything back on the shelves after 24 hours or so.  There was certainly no way to track me down; if I hadn’t walked in there again & she hadn’t recognized me, it would have been… :smile2  I gave her a signed book as a thank-you, & it turns out she loves to read—especially romance—so I’m thinking that it all may have been meant to be. :smile9

I AM HAPPY, too, for my new EveryDrop Water Filter.  I’ve wanted one since I first started seeing the commercials, but it took me forever to actually find one.  It’s making it so much easier to refill the ice pitcher I keep in the mini-fridge upstairs & to give Miss Precious fresh, clean water on a regular basis without having to run down to the kitchen.  (Especially since it usually takes me about six trips down & up again before I actually remember that’s what I went down for in the first place. :smile54 )

And you guys know how much I HATE styrofoam, right?  It is evil incarnate, creating poisons when it’s manufactured & never, ever biodegrading so that its poisons go into the ground & drinking water when it’s thrown away.  What do you think causes cancer & tons of other health issues people think they’re just “unlucky” enough to get?  Evil, I tell you! :smile24   Anyway, I ended up with a styrofoam cooler I wasn’t the least bit happy about having, but I AM HAPPY that I’ve just learned I can hand it off to the Hundred Cat Foundation to be turned into winter housing for outdoor/feral cat colonies.  My first choice, of course, would be that styrofoam didn’t exist at all, but since it does :smile55 at least it can be reused for good rather than simply being thrown away.

So how about you, My Darlings?  What kind of week did you have & what kinds of blessings do you want to take a moment to be thankful for? :smile6


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  1. Mary Kirkland says:

    Wow, that is awesome that someone kept that bag for you. How nice of her.


    Now that is a great way to reuse those Styrofoam containers.

    I am happy that I just found out that my brother and his wife are coming down to my house for Thanksgiving and my 83 year old dad and step mom said they would come over too. Gonna be a house full. My daughter, her boyfriend and my grandson will be over as well. My dad and brother even asked if I would make my homemade tacos for Thanksgiving. lol Yes, I said tacos. But I put hamburger in corn tortillas and fry them. Then I make homemade salsa, guacamole and all sorts of other fixings and I’ll have to make about 4 dozen because people want to take some home. lol


    • Heidi says:

      Wow, sounds like you have a great Thanksgiving coming up! :smile25 Hey, I say whatever makes you happy, whatever the masses want…”traditional” is overrated. :smile29

      You’re gonna be busy, tho, so make sure you don’t let it overwhelm you. Be sure you *enjoy* the day & are thankful for all of that family surrounding you instead of just feeling like the hired help. :smile13

  2. Ruth C. says:

    :smile43 Happy that my plans to visit my daughter in Wisconsin are almost complete. I will be driving for 2 days and hope for good weather. :smile12

  3. Brooke C says:

    I’m glad you found a good use for that styrofoam box! I’ve had some friends make feral cat houses where they use a rubbermaid bin and line them with styrofoam boxes so they’re extra warm for the kitties :smile19 Just shows that bad things can be put to good use :smile29
    I’m happy that my mom came to visit to me today and we went out for breakfast. I love breakfast food, so it was a nice treat :smile21 And it was good to see her, too!

    • Heidi says:

      Yes, exactly—that’s another way to make them. And sometimes adding straw, etc. There are loads of instructions online for making them, & I’m so happy to know there are people out there who care about the poor strays/ferals out there trying to survive the winter. :smile17

      I’m so glad you got to visit with your mom. Breakfast is one of my faves, too…no matter the time of day. My dad used to make “breakfast for dinner” all the time & I loved it! :smile21

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