Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone!  How’s it going for My Darlings this week?

I AM THANKFUL for a busy, but productive & just plain good week last week!  There was lots of running around & many appointments, but everything managed to work out beautifully.  I’ve even slowly been managing to catch up on last sleep. :smile50

I AM THANKFUL—still & continually—for Harley’s clean bill of health & the fact that he did not need surgery, after all. :smile12   At the risk of jinxing it (knock on wood!), I AM THANKFUL, too, that I think the lump in his side is getting smaller & smaller.  (Knock on wood!)  Huzzah! :smile19

I AM THANKFUL for our fun new emoticons—don’t you love them? :smile44 —& the lovely lady who updates them for me.  She’s so speedy & does such a great job! :smile36 Plus, she totally gets how odd & quirky I tend to be. :smile54

And finally, I AM THANKFUL for a woman named Joanne who gave me her old kitty cat water filter because she’d gotten a new, bigger one for her feline brood.  I’ve been wanting one for ages, but just couldn’t decide on what size or style or brand.  I was also on the fence about plastic when they say ceramic or stainless steel is better.  But when she offered—& I offered to pay her for it, but she refused to let me—I decided to give it a shot.  It was really clean & in great shape, too, which was a plus.  (I was in her house & played with her kittehs, & trust me—she takes care of her cats & their stuff as well as I do mine. :smile32 )

Do I even need to mention how much The Kittehs adore it? :smile20   The minute I plugged it in & it started gurgling, they all gathered around to check it out.  They played in it & made a mess, but they also drank from it.  They love to bat at or try to bite the stream of water, & one of The Kittehs I hardly ever see drinking is up there regularly now, lapping away.  I’m thrilled! :smile25   And we all know how important it is for cats to get fluids…& that they tend not to drink as much water as they truly need.  So this is my favorite new kitty-cat item, & I’m so happy with it, I’m thinking about buying one or two more for other spots in the house. :smile51

Happy, happy, happy.  Thankful, thankful, thankful! :smile53

So how about you?  What are you happy about or thankful for this week that you’d like to share? :smile6


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  1. Donna A says:

    My kitties love their fountain. We have a reservoir that helps keep it full. Nothing like it getting low and growling at you in the middle of the night. :smile3

    I am thankful for my big sister who took DH and I on a 7 day cruise because she didn’t want to go alone. I am thankful for my friend Kris who looked after my fur babies while we were gone.
    :smile25 :smile12

    • Heidi says:

      I noticed that growling sputter the very first night. The new ones I ordered, tho, still don’t have the extra reservoir; I want to clean them out on a regular basis w/o wasting water or feeling like I’m adding clean water to dirty. :smile46 And since I check on the kittehs’ food dishes every night before I go to bed, I just check the fountain at the same time. Top it off so it isn’t pitching a fit when I wake up the next morning. :smile3

      Wow, what a great sis! I hope you had a fabulous time…& that your furbabies didn’t miss you too much while you were away. :smile19

  2. Kathleen O says:

    I am happy that the first week of Autumn was more like the first week of summer.. We had such great weather and what’s not to be happy about that. :smile20 :smile12

    • Heidi says:

      Hasn’t it been nice? We had a cold snap here a couple weeks ago & I thought winter was setting in early. But now it’s warm again & The Kittehs & I are enjoying being able to open the windows & get some fresh air. :smile19

  3. sina buckner says:

    :smile49 besides my health, my nephew was born a week and a half ago:) ( my first).

  4. Mary Kirkland says:

    Oh that sounds like a fun new addition for the kittehs. Glad they like it and like making a mess with it.

    I’m happy that I found 2 new sites that offer free products in exchange for blog reviews so I’ve been getting more free things to test at home in addition to the 4 sites that I already do this for. So there will be more reviews on my blog than there has been.

    A flower website even sent me a free dozen flowers and asked me for a review. I loved that.


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