Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my Darlings!

How have you been this week?  I hope you’ve got lots of great stuff going on that you’re ready to share. :may7

This week, I AM HAPPY to be back on track proofreading Top Secret Project #2. :may20   Thanks to “outside issues,” I’ve had a hell of a time with all things writing-related lately, & it’s never taken me so long to get a story polished & turned in.  I can only be tremendously grateful to my editor for this one, who’s been incredibly patient & understanding.  With luck, this summer’s horrors will soon be behind me & I can work to once again find some sort of normalcy & successful work routine. :may8

The First Prophet (Bishop Files Series #1)I AM HAPPY for those of you who suggested I read The Last Prophet by Kay Hooper next.  I’m nearly halfway through already & it’s really good!

Did I mention that I AM HAPPY beyond words with my new Macbook Air?  Okay, yeah…  I was nervous about all get-out at first, & I still don’t have a handle on Dropbox or iCloud,  –able to email via new Macbook…couldn’t do that with old laptop & it’s making life a lot easier. Plus, messages stay on/show up on both Macs, so no lost messages

And I AM HAPPY that Madame Mommy Dearest seems to be enjoying her time in Seattle with Little Brother.  There were a few glitches with the flight out (of course—what else is new? :May37 ), but she arrived safely, has been doing some sightseeing, & I suspect will be eating her weight in fresh seafood on a daily basis.  That’s what I would do, anyway. :may5

A few more days & she’ll be home, so I only have to hope she’ll have a safe trip back in this direction.

So how about you—what kind of week are you having?  What are you happy about or thankful for that you’d like to share with us today?

Don’t be shy, we want to hear & give you a little cheer! :may14


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  1. Laura J. says:

    First…what happened to Top Sekrit Project #1? :may5

    Sunday has been pretty peaceful, so thank you!! (I love Woodstock!)

    The few days leading up have been crazy and hectic though. B’girl did a pageant this weekend and although she didn’t win the crown (pshew! cause then it would get super crazy in October so I’m very okay with that not happening) she did bring home a very special award, Miss Congeniality. She has also grown so much from last year when she first did this pageant (coming home last year thinking she didn’t want to do it again-to coming home this year ready to start gearing up for next year when she moves up to the Teen level for a preliminary to the Miss America Outstanding Teen). The group of girls that she was with were so sweet and they are already making plans to do things together (this didn’t happen last year with the exception of a couple that are staying in touch). She also got her first pair of Pointe shoes this week and it’s a good thing she will miss her first class tomorrow for a school retreat because sometime last night during her talent she managed to possibly break (or crack/jam) her big toe and the big toe is kind of important in Pointe. So she will have a week to heal and I will have a week to figure out how to sew the laces one.

    • Heidi says:

      Okay, I know it’s been a while, but thankfully Top Secret Project #1 is already finished & turned in. Y’see, these “secret projects” are all part the same, bigger Secret Project. Does that make sense? I can’t say much yet, but I’ll let it slip that it’s a new series, so I’m slowly trying to get ’em all done. :mat27

      Are you a Peanuts gal, Darling Laura? Or is it just Woodstock? I love him, too, btw. Used to have a Woodstock doll that tweeted when you bounced him. He stopped tweeting, tho. :may38

      B-girl is doing so great, but she’s running you ragged, isn’t she? :may14 Congrats to her on everything. I have to say, tho, that all I can think about when you talk about those Pointe shoes is the scene from “Black Swan” when her toenail cracked in half. Aaaaaack! No, thank you. I’ll stick with interpretive dance over ballet. :may22

  2. Mary Kirkland says:

    Glad to hear the macbook is working out so well.

    I’m happy that hubby will be dog sitting out of state for a week at the end of the month. Woohoo, I’ll have the house all to myself to watch movies, read books and and eat cereal for dinner if I want.


    • Heidi says:

      Sounds like fun! :may36

      Altho…do you ever watch “The Middle”? It’s one of my faves & there’s an episode where all Frankie wants for Mother’s Day is to be left alone. Then she squanders the entire day. I hope your alone-time doesn’t turn out like that! :may33

  3. Jay says:

    :may7 I am grateful for all the prayers for my state as two hurricanes barreled their way to us.

    :May10 I am grateful that the storm, though it did cause lots of problems wasn’t nearly as deadly as it could have been.

    I am grateful the second storm headed far to the north of us. :may14 :may3

    • Heidi says:

      Thank goodness, Jay! So glad you’re okay & that the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been! :may35

      I barely pay attention to weather headed my own way, so I had no idea that sort of thing was headed yours. Stay safe! :may4

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