happy Sunday

“There’s always something for which to be thankful.”

~Charles Dickens


Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you’ve had a great week & are looking forward to another one ahead.

This week, I’m still grateful my brother got to come home for the holidays this year.  I can’t say his visit was a total treat—he can be a bit of a sourpuss, if you must know—but it was still great to see him after so long & to know he’s doing really well for himself with his new job & living in a new state, etc.

I’m also thrilled to have the line edits for HER LITTLE SECRET, HIS HIDDEN HEIR taken care of & returned.  It’s not easy for me to switch gears the way I often need to with these things, but it was neat to get a little refresher for Marc & Vanessa’s story while I was knee-deep in MUST LOVE VAMPIRES.  It’s going to be such a fun book to chat about when it comes out!

I’m happy to have finally gotten my hands on the Wizard of Oz soundtrack.  You know how sometimes you just want to hear the music & not watch the whole movie over again?  Well, this one has been on my list for quite a while.  It’s not as wonderful as I was hoping, but it does the trick. :winkwink   Next up—the soundtrack from Annie!

I’m happy that the store that supplies me with oodles of cat food for the hungry masses says they expect my kittehs’ favorite brand/flavor (which has been out-of-stock for a couple of months now) to be available again in February.  Not sure when in February, but that’s right around the corner, & I think I can hold out until then.  (It has not been easy rationing out the small amount I still have on hand, either, let me tell you. :kitty )

And last but not least, I am delighted that we’ll be starting up Guest Bloggers here in The Dungeon again very soon.  And I’m grateful to all of the authors who have already agreed to be put on The Rack for our amusement.  I don’t have dates yet, but check the sidebar under “In the Dungeon” for names.  I’ll update it as soon as I have more info, but trust me when I say this is going to be fun! :thumbsup

That’s about it for me this week. Now it’s your turn—tell us what makes this a very Happy Sunday for you!


And now to announce our Free Book Friday winner:

MySpace Smiley Sign Generator:dancing Raquel Vega-Grieder!!! :dancing

Congratulations, Raquel! Please contact me with your full name & mailing address, & I will get your book out to you as soon as I can.


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  1. Hollie says:

    Yay for Raquel!! :brava

    and Happy Halo Day for me! :angel
    This week Im grateful for working 5 more days then a 3 day weekend!! woohooo MLK day and its paid too! We didnt go back until last Wednesday!! LOVE working for the school system!!
    Im also loving all this snow!! we got 8+ inches yesterday!! and 8+ inches is ALWAYS better than 6 inches!! :whistle LOLOL!!!!

    • Heidi says:

      You’ve also gotta love how the school year schedule during the winter—delays, cancellations…stuff other folks would plow right thru, schools shut down for. LOL

  2. Carole Fiore-Abshire says:

    I’m greatful that my week went well for I started my 2nd semester in college after 30yrs. being out of school,plus working at my home daycare. I’m gratful that my daughter is feeling better and I’m hoping her blood test show thats nothing serious is wrong. On thursday I’m going to see a divorce lawyer and its about time I’m doing something about it, not sitting on my butt. Its a new year and a fresh start!

    • Heidi says:

      I do not envy you going back to school, Carole. Couldn’t stand it the first time, no way would I want to go back. But others love it, & I say more power to ’em! :congrats

  3. mary k says:

    Congratulations Raquel. Sunday is the day I get to order a movie and watch it with my hubby. We watched, Devil.

    • Heidi says:

      I’m doing the movie thing today, too. Trying to finish off Igor (which is so funny! at least the first 5mins were…a little corny after that, but still very amusing), Kung Fu Panda, & maybe later…Race to Witch Mtn with my very own hubba-hubba. :dracuulla

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