Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, My Darlings!

So how are you doing this week?  Anything super-fun going on with you? :spring5

This week, I AM HAPPY that Mr. Handyman was able to fix the bedside lamp I gave him to work on.  I really wasn’t sure it was salvagable—it worked fine, but the base was a mess & the lamp kept falling over.  But Mr. Handyman did a stupendous job of repairing it!  And I’m so glad because A.) I love this stupid lamp & B.)  it’s the lamp I use when I sit in bed to write. :spring11

I AM HAPPY that we’ve had a few very nice days when I could open up the house & let The Kittehs enjoy some fresh air & outdoor noises of the bird & squirrel variety. :spring14

I AM HAPPY that there are some really nice & honest people in the world.  I recently spend $161 at a store about an hour from where I live, but after giving the clerk my credit card, the machine ran out of paper to print a receipt.  She tried so hard to find another roll, but couldn’t & the store manager wasn’t there so she could ask for help.  No problem; I simply wrote a check & she assured me the credit card charge had been cancelled.  I figured I’d glance at my credit card statement when it arrived, but didn’t really think much more of it.  Well, next think you know, I get a letter from the store.  They clearly got my address from my check—& thank goodness they had because it turned out the credit card charge had gone through, after all.  By the time they caught it, though, the check had already been cashed & they no longer had my credit card information to credit my account. :spring3

But how nice was it of them to make the effort to contact me & get that straightened out?  Frankly, I wouldn’t have been the least surprised if they (or anyone else, if you know what I mean) had let it slide & thought, “If she comes in to complain, we’ll deal with it, but if not, we just made ourselves an extra $160 bucks.  Woot!”  Instead, they asked me to please contact them & were so nice about making sure my money was refunded.  I already can’t wait to go back to that store, hopefully thank the manager in person, & spend more money there. :spring11

Finally—& perhaps most of all—I AM HAPPY that Perkins is once again offering their San Francisco Shrimp Stir Fry.  Great googly moogly, is this stuff delicious. :spring2   I discovered it last year around this time (Lent) & am so happy they brought it back!  Wish they’d just add it to their year-round menu already; I would certainly order it every time I stopped in.

If you get the chance to try it, let me know what you think, okay?

Your turn:  what are you happy about this week that you’re eager to tell us about? :spring22



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  1. Donna A says:

    Happy Sunday! I am happy I was able to get a new computer before my laptop totally crapped out on me and was able to save most of my programs and data. :spring23
    I am happy I am healthy and that spring seems to have finally arrived. :spring17
    I am thrilled to be alive.
    :spring20 :spring20 :spring20 :spring20 :spring20 :spring20

    • Heidi says:

      Yay for you, Donna! Congrats on the new laptop. I know what that’s like. :spring3

      And you are so right about the rest—I’m thankful every day to be healthy! :spring5 And the beautiful weather is just…BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!! :spring17

  2. Hollie says:

    Happy Spring day here.. :spring17 …well..storms are on the way, but I can deal with that.
    Glad to know that you survived the long and dreary winter. I loved every minute of it! The snow,cold, ice…snow days from school. ahhh finally a REAL winter! :spring5
    Have a great week! I am back to work with only 39 days left of school until summer vaca! :spring20 :spring20 :spring20 I think I can actually survive that long..but anymore than that….not too sure about! :spring13

  3. TamVans says:

    So many things to be happy for this week. But first off I want to thank Miss Heidi for reminding us on Sunday to take time to remember all of the good things. It’s so easy to get mired in the dreck, it’s nice to take a moment or two to think about all of the positive things. :spring8

    So, am happy that my Detroit Red Wings have made the playoffs for the 23rd year straight!! And that Fred Couples is on the leaderboard at The Masters this weekend!! :spring23

    Am VERY happy that I will be leaving in 19 more days to see hubby for the first time since the beginning of October!! And ok, the fact that I’ll be flying to NYC to see him for the weekend doesn’t hurt either. :spring20

    I’m also happy that before my trip to NYC I’ll have a new smile. I have never been able to smile in pictures and like what I see. So this will be new for me. Can’t wait to take a thousand pictures and smile big in everyone of them. :spring16

    And last but most importantly I’m beyond happy that my dad seems to be responding well to his treatments and is staying positive through all of this. All of the others things are so minor compared to this. :spring6

    Have a GREAT Sunday Y’all!!!! :spring14

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